Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Murder of the Great Guarantee: The Raising of the Hue and Cry

                                                                             Frederick A. Jones
                                                                             Brooklyn, New York 11221
                                                                             Apt. 3B,
                                                                            Thursday 21 June 2007 
To who it may concern:   
     I am  calling for the raising of the hue and cry. The attachments will explain my reasons for it. I am addressing my fellow American citizens. Indeed, the very great crime is the willfull deprivations of the great guarantee of public scrutiny during the trials of the most serious indictments and the subsequent tyranny.
     Obviously, the American citizen relies upon his or her religious reverence for their boundless presumptions of correctness within the criminal justice system. My hue and cry must, therefore, demonstrate conclusive evidence that discloses a world that contradicts the one created by television, government reports, and other cooperate media conditioning. See, the attachments.
     The matters for which fear compels citizens to avoid talking about, reporting, and otherwise offering as a subject to be seriously investigated  are the matters that answer the most serious questions. I offer these avoided matters, as a beginning, in my attached documents. Indeed, organized crime has always had the highest ranks of government as a component: such crime has always been infinitely more powerful, influential, baneful, and godless than anyone in the media or government has ever suggested. It is a world that punishes the poor and the good. It must be understood by American citizens. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
Frederick A. Jones
670 A Greene Avenue, Apt. 3B
Brooklyn, New York 11221
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