Monday, July 09, 2007

The Costly Policies of Disregarding the Most Important of All Laws

                                                                                Frederick A. Jones 
                                                                                670A Greene Avenue, Apt. 3B 
                                                                                Brooklyn, New York 11221 
                                                                                 Monday 9 July 2007 
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Complaints,
Office of the Inspector General,
United States Department of Justice,
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20530
1-800-869-4499 (voice)
1-202-616-9898 (fax) 
Re: Cosmic Oppression: The Refusals to Enforce the Criminal Civil Rights Laws ( 18 USC, sections 241 and 242 )
Dear Metropolitan Desk:    
     I am a 62-year-old former new york city police officer who has attached a complaint (to the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice) and an introduction to the complaint to a message that will shortly follow this one . It is basically the same complaint that I have tried to make for years, and it describes the most insidious harm to the United States that has ever existed. Indeed, as the massive willful deprivations to the must fundamental rights force millions into slavery, only good faith criminal investigations can disclose and reslove the criminal conduct that is the cause of convictions and court orders that willfully violate the most fundamental due process and equal protection rights. 
Nevetheless, elected representatives and law enforcement disreguard the criminal civil rights laws that are the only laws that can be used. A proper criminal investigation is required. An appeal of the lynchings and tortures that an innocent defendant may suffer in the years of state custody, that are prior to his sentence, can never be appropriate when prior to a good faith proper criminal invistigation (see, 18 USC,Sections 242 and 241).  
Indeed, even as I write this, the New York State Parole Division has predictably caused a patently unnecessary investigation of me. Accordingly, only the lies of criminals are needed to cause this. Hearsay alone can allow the legions of depraved and dastardly psychiatrists  and social workers to use bogus commitments to force me to spend the remainder of my life in the extraordinarily costly restrictions of a nut house.
Moreover, the depraved disregard for my condition by Congressman Adolphus Towns, State Senator Montgomery, Senator Hillary Clinton, the I.G. of the Department of Justice, the Criminal Section of the D.O.J., the most prosporous newspapers, and so many others has always been repeatedly astonishing. Those plainly innocent  persons who had been lynched were sent away to be among the other indigent citizens who must fight such conduct alone.
Please, therefore, carefully read the attachments to a message that will follow shortly. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
Frederick A. Jones
670 A Greene Avenue, Apt. 3B
Brooklyn, New York 11221
Telephone No. 1-718-919-2028
Fax No. 1-718-919-2028
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