Friday, September 21, 2007


This is to congratulate you for all your past
service to our society, and although you have not been
rewarded as you should: There may be a better reward
for you; like is also the satisfaction of having the
unique courage for bringing your experience to the
American Public.
I can sympathize with your cause because I was, am
and still a victim of the system. I wish I could help
you with your Information Project and the computer but
unfortunately I do not have access to my resources (I
have been blindfolded, deceived). But if in the near
future the blindfold is taken down and I can access
resources: You can count on my help. Or maybe your
experience and knowledge with the system and research
could be used to unveil truth and then we can help
each other.
Just to give you a hint: Despite that I have been
told that: "You are The King", "A Star", "Number One
Bachelor", "The American Tenant", "An American People
Person" but yet I am an "OBLOCKED" that was derailed
and thrown in "the pit, the wilderness"; used as a
Guinea Pig for experimentation (another victim of "The
777 Experimentation Line"?) And all this done as a
"precondition to get justice done", "because it is
Heritage, a Protocole to save Democracy".
NOTE: Just in the case that you decide to use your
investigative skills and experience, here is a good
starting point for "The Hidden Case": CENTENO vs CITY
OF NEW YORK (02-CV-2745 (RJD)(LB)         (APPELLATE
COURT DOCKET #: 05-3268-cv)
WARNINGS: "This Case shall not be published" (United
States Court of Appeals

Ok Mr. Alexander, this is it for now and GOD BLESS

¡Sé un mejor fotógrafo!
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