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[Victims of Court Corruption] Comparing JAIL4Judges With All Other Proposals

Comparing JAIL4Judges
With All Other Proposals

Dr. Joseph Zernik, what you have described below is about a good description of judicial immunity as can be stated. It matters not what the law, or judicial decisions are regarding judicial immunity. The only thing judges are forbidden from doing is embarrassing the judicial system. In that regard, murder, bank robbery, rape, car jacking, bribery and extortion performed by judges are all within the realm of "acceptable judicial conduct covered by judicial immunity." We need to forget defining judicial immunity according to published law or printed judicial decisions, the first and greatest of all commandments is, "Thou shalt not embarrass the judicial system!" Never is any judge prosecuted for evil doing, or for the commission of any crimes.

I have said numerous times in public presentations, we have no laws that govern the U.S. The "law" is whatever the judges say at any given time. When judges open their mouth, what comes out of their lips is "the law." Two plus two equals whatever conclusion is desired! Forget about what you learned in school. "Fraud" is their name, and deception their game!

When I hear someone tell me about a dishonest judge, I know I am speaking with someone who is a novice. The judicial system is irreparably broken. Looking to "legislation" will only install another layer of deception over the top of existing fraud. It is like repainting a house that is totally eaten through and taken over by termites. Another coat of paint will to no good! Paint will only make the house look more livable, but you know you are in trouble when your leg passes through the floor when you take one step inside the front door!

When I say "J.A.I.L. is the only answer," I know that means we have to remove all the rotten wood in a house that is 100% rotten. But people do not want to hear something so drastic. So I just say, "Let's fix up the judicial system with judicial accountability." Most everyone agrees that a fixer-upper effort must be employed on our judiciary, but what people do not agree upon is that we must start with a bulldozer and not even save the rusty nails.

When the people start throwing the evil judges to the hungry lions within the J.A.I.L. lions den, then, and only then with the "good" judges will submit their application for retirement. But the provision within J.A.I.L. will not allow judges to escape by retirement, for basically, three-strikes will overtake them on their pre-existing record before they can enjoy the fruits of retirement. And consider the retroactive provision of J.A.I.L. If there once existed law that provided for a remedy, it can never go away. The judiciary cannot escape the sting of those current laws. Hence, your statement, "
In short: I am not opposed to new legislation, but we must demand to prosecute the judges even under current law, not let them get away for racketeering!" is all totally covered within the passage of Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.)

Ron Branson

joseph zernik wrote:
Mr Branson:

As one, who supports your cause, I just wanted to comment, that even under current law the judges are not immune to most of their crimes. 

The most common form of judicial corruption today is through the issuance of simulated court records.  The judges, who engage in such conduct are NOT under any immunity, since they are engaged in extrajudicial conduct in doing so - presiding in cases, to which they were not assigned, and with no judicial authority and immunity at all.
Regardless, neither the US congress, nor anybody else holds them accountable.

The best documented case of this type is the case of the corrupt US Judge Manuel Real, who was caught grabbing the court file of a woman he knew with no assignment and no authority.  She was under bankruptcy procedures, and he basically stopped the case to help her.  He was caught, US Congress did nothing, and Steven Yagman, who blew the whistle went to federal prison for several years on IRS violations, that some said others would only be fined for.  In his sentencing heaering, Yagman quoted Kafka: "a case went looking for a bird..."

What is most lacking is public demand for holding the judges accountable.  In that department, there is no doubt that you are a pioneer! 

In short: I am not opposed to new legislation, but we must demand to prosecute the judges even under current law, not let them get aways for racketeering!


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At 01:43 AM 1/14/2012, you wrote:

Comparing JAIL4Judges to All Other Proposals

The problem with political bodies handling the subject of judicial accountability, is politics and special interests. It must be understood that no man can be trusted because of the propensity of mankind to evil. The distinction with JAIL4Judges is that it creates a rotating Special Grand Jury in which no one sits on the Special Grand Jury for more than a year, and is thereafter disqualified. The public becomes involved only by a random drawing.

Members of the Bar Assoc., law enforcement, and all judicial employees are excluded for obvious reasons. No government prosecutors are allowed, but only qualified members of the public may serve this Grand Jury as Prosecutors, Investigators, and Advisers who submit their applications to the Grand Jury for such positions. This Grand Jury is totally autonomous, and only has jurisdiction over issues of willful violations of laws or of the State or U.S. Constitutions.

No judge may be defended at public expense in answering to this Special Grand Jury. Upon any conviction by a panel of jurors, only the jurors may impose sentences, not any other judge or judicial officer. In this manner, all politics are separated from its operations, and only the people determine for themselves the plite of all judicial offenders. It just cannot get any better than JAIL4Judges!

Ron Branson


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