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[Victims of Court Corruption] The Initiative Process, Why So High?

The Initiative Process, Why So High?

Rashid, you have asked me why the the price for getting a Constitutional Initiative on the ballot in California is so high. It used to be about $1.2 million, but since the Legislature pretty much captured the entire Initiative market using our own tax dollars, we find ourselves competing with our own tax dollars.

Suppose the People among ourselves had the entire Oaks Market competitively locked up. But then the government entered into the Oats Market by proposing and collecting an Oat Farmer's Tax. With that Oats Farmer's Tax, they captured 2/3rds of the Oat Market Industry. What would be the effect? All Oat Farmers would have to raise the prices on their Oats to over twice what it used to be.

I have pointed out that for government to use the People's  exclusive constitutionally protected Initiative Process, is not only unfair, but very unconstitutional. Art. II, Sec. 1 of the California Constitution, which is the Initiative Provision, states, "All political power is inherent in the people. ...they have the right to alter or reform [government] when the public good may require." 

So, if ALL political power is inherent in the People, how much is inherent in government? The Initiative Process is exclusively preserved for the People to alter or reform their government, not for government to reform the People. Horses are for horseback riders, not peopleback riders for horses to ride.

Have you ever noticed that in excess of 2/3rds of all Initiatives placed on the ballot are placed there by our government, using our tax dollars, seeking to reform us? Where do they get this power? Certainly not from the Initiative Process.

If 2/3rds of the Initiatives are placed on the ballot by our own tax dollars, we, the other 1/3rd remaining, are competing with ourselves in the other 2/3rds market, running the price tag to over twice what passing an Initiative would otherwise cost the People.

If you think about it, all powers in the hands of the People, have been taken over by government. The Constitution recognizes our right to keep and bear arms. Government says, "Yes, but we will dictate to you how many, when, and where you can exercise that right. And by the way, you must surrender all the information we ask, so we may keep track of how you exercise that right."

Grand Juries are the Power of the People against an arbitrary government. But who manages the Grand Jury? Sorry to say, but the People have surrendered the power of the Grand Jury to the government. The judges select the Grand Jurors. The Prosecution advises the Grand Jury, and the legislators have mandated that Grand Jurors are precluded from investigating judges. Instead, the powers of the People in the Grand Jury, has been transferred to judicial commissions under the influence and authority of judges.

We recognized our own power in creating the Initiative Process within our Constitution so we can alter and reform our government for our benefit. But, then we have allowed the government to sweet talk us out of that exclusive power to allow them to take over our Initiative Process, and drive the prices up so that we, the People, can no longer afford the Initiative Process to initiative change. In other words, we, the People, willingly are financing a government of the government, by the government, and for the government, and if we, the People, do not approve, we, the People, must have the government's permission, to alter that.

We have allowed the horses to convince us that we must carry them on our backs to wherever they want us to go. The People are their own worst enemy, as Pogo once stated, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Now, as to your question, where can you find the professional Initiative companies? I suggest you do a search engine on the Internet for California Initiative Signature Gatherers.

Ron Branson

P.S. - Monkeys are not a smart as men, as evidenced by the fact that People have learned how to blow their brains out. Monkeys are not so smart, as they have not yet attained unto this intelligence as yet.

rashidemail wrote:

Hi Ron



Thanks for responding



How do I get in touch with the organizations, and why is the price so high. I thought about 1 million would needed to be raise.





From: Ron Branson []
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The last I checked, I was given a price of 2.1 million dollars for the complete service to get an State Constitutional Amendment on the California ballot. There are approximately four competitive organization here in CA. willing to accept a contract agreement with you.

Ron Branson


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