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[Victims of Court Corruption] Cost of War V. Initiative - Which is Cheaper, Faster, More Effective?

Cost of War v. Initiative
Which is Cheaper, Faster, More Effective?

Phil Freeman, I would like to discuss with you your words, "
I feel we could implement the Jail for Judges Grand Juries without an amendment, we simply need to educate the People as to their duty and the role of being a juror in the Constitutional sense of the term. People are now fully aware that to get any referendum, amendment from government is an act of futility so why not do it our selves."

I am pleased that you acknowledge the soundness of the wording of the JAIL4Judges. As you know, many initiatives are being placed upon the ballots among the states. Here in California we currently have around ten of them the voter's are going to vote upon on in a few days, on Nov. 6th.

Now I agree with you that inherent rights from God are self-evident, and that we have the right to fight for them as set forth within our Declaration of Independence, i.e, "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Thus, the issue here at hand is whether we should "go to war" to place in practice our will, or obtain it peaceably by Initiative. So my question is weighing the options is, why is it that you believe the cost of going to war against "government" would be the less costly option of obtaining these rights than by an Initiative? Her we are not only talking about dollars and cents, but People's lives.

An Initiative placed upon the ballot for the People to vote upon even here in California, which is probably the most costly within the nation, is only about 2 million. Not even considering the death of innocent People and our loved ones to which there can be no price tag attached thereto, is it your contention that we can sponsor a war for less than 2 million dollars? I don't think we have ever had a war that cost so little at any time in our history. If you contend otherwise, I would love to view your findings. Also, are you saying that this war would take less time than the two years to get the Initiative into effect? Please explain.

You state,
"we simply need to educate the People as to their duty and the role of being a juror in the Constitutional sense of the term." I agree with you on this point that we need to educate the People. But I contend that the best and fasted way to educate the People is to place JAIL4Judges on the ballot. We spent only $130,000 in South Dakota. We got millions of dollars worth of free publicity to our cause. Not only did all the government in South Dakota shine the light on our cause, but also they gained the dollars and help of the Oil Companies, the Bankers, and National Insurance Unions. There was no one in South Dakota that did not know about our cause.

I appeared on, and was the subject of, a multitude of media channels, to include the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Los Angeles Times, many legal publications from all sectors, and even six Chief Justices of their respective states. All this publicity was totally free to me. I was amazed at all the publicity I got. Even consider the initial investment of $130,000 divided into the bountiful return on our investment, it was very well worth it. They all were shacking in their boots at the very thought that the People could vote themselves into freedom, and so they had to pull out the stops in their panic.

You say, "
People are now fully aware that to get any referendum, amendment from government is an act of futility."  The whole point of the Initiative Process is to do an end run around government. "All political power is inherent in the People .... They have the right to alter or reform it when the public may require." Art. II, California Constitution. You state that to "get any referendum, amendment from government is an act of futility." It does not require the passage of the legislature, nor does it depend upon the signature by the Governor. I see absolutely nothing within the wording of the Initiative Process that states that we need to get anything from government, and certainly not their approval. So if the Initiative Process is cheaper than a war, spares more physical lives of innocent People than war, and does not involve government, unlike a war necessarily world, what are the advantages of going to war instead of just simply passing JAIL4Judges?

Ron Branson 

-------- Original Message --------
John Quade and Randy Lee are super guys and have done their homework. The statutory abatement version 4 is pretty good stuff,although I have seen citations where the nom de guerre did not sway the judge. I thought an abatement was non judicial, or prejudicial.
I can tell you this much Ron, I was charged in Feb with a 3rd degree felony driving w/lic suspended with knowledge and as a habitual offender. I was taken to jail and issued a summons to appear by a floriduh trooper. Now it's my understanding that one needs to be an Article lV court and be an Article lll member of the judiciary to have authorization to issue any judicial instrument. So I decided to send a registered mail in the form of a notice and demand and writ of praecipie ordering the judge to conduct a judicial determination as to who gave authority for any member of the executive branch authorization to issue a judicial instrument, and who authorized a clear violation of the separation of powers doctrine? The charges and case was cancelled, as I also demanded to know if the judge was an Article lV & lll member and duly sworn to serve,protect and defend The Constitution for the united states of America and if he were unwilling , or not  to make the judicial determination to immediately forward the letter to one who is. I also demanded to have the name and contact info of the underwriter of the public indemnity bond. I got some rapid results. Now I was given a second court date by notice to appear which is impossible, no one can appear or disappear, only attend, and this was sent to a mailbox when my address is general delivery transient status non-commercial. I don;t live in a box on the side of the road and notified the court of this,as I had long since removed the numbers from the mail box, they sent it anyway. I responded to the court by email"public record" that I was not interested in contracting with the cautio  and I did not consent and waived the benefit. They were advised of my personal and poitical status as I have rescinded all POAs,voter registration card,photo ID state issued,as well as rescinding the SS5 form signature from the Social Security admin. I have no nexus connecting me to any hidden contracts or obligations to the fictional state, additionally advising them that I am a living man,the flesh lives and the blood flows,that I am not an ens legis fiction and do not consent to act as surety for the bankruptcy. Further more I advised them that I am an Indian NOT TAXED and owe no allegiance to the USA
or any of its sub corporations,agents or assigns. A capias was allegedly issued and I was advised of this by a yellow post card sent to the box by the road, to which I copied and wrote return to sender addressee not at this location. I have not heard back from anyone on the issue, remember this was back in Feb about the 21st or so. The Sheriff's office sent the postcard which is the neighboring county to the East, about 20 or so minutes from my abode. I have remained in the same location for 18 years so it's not like they don't know where I am. I did advise them of my intentions to serve them with a fat lawsuit and issue a writ of quo warranto and present my complaint to a grand jury formally and to sue their pants off if I were to get any more spurious charges or informational filings regrading this DWLS.
Not to mention I BCCd a reporter friend of mine the entire correspondence between the court and I, so it too may have had some impact. None the less I've heard nothing since. I am not sure but maybe you could point me in the correct direction concerning abandoning the case for lack of prosecution on the part of the state attorney's office. I wasn't given proper service of any warrant being issued. I believe they have 120 days to move the case or it is nullified, I may be wrong, but I thought it was interesting that the circuit judge cancelled the case based on one letter by registered mail as a notice and demand and writ. Seems they don't have all the tools in one pouch. Anyway thanks for all you do Ron I mean it man, and let me know how I may be of assistance to you. I feel we could implement the Jail for Judges Grand Juries without an amendment,we simply need to educate the People as to their duty and the role of being a juror in the Constitutional sense of the term.  so why not do it our selves. We created government to serve us, it has failed and refuses to uphold thier oaths to the trust which is treason, so we need to simply remove them, or laminate over the old with some new contact paper, what say you Ron my friend?
Thank you again.
    Respectfully in truth and liberty,
Phillip Sandy- OathKeeper,One of thePreamble, and defender of the republic,and the Sovereign spoke of in Yick Wo v Hopkins US 118.356,370
Pax aut bellum, MOLON LABE!


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