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[Victims of Court Corruption] Re: "Evil cannot ever be accommodated, nor bargained with."

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Mairi, you have written, "We need to get an effort underway that starts taking those out of business who refuse to do the work of We the People." There already is a way to recover our nation and our freedom. However, unlike our Founding Fathers who mutually pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, the People today want Freedom free. I was told by a caller-in on a radio show that Freedom is too expensive to invest in, and I believe that this gentleman voiced perfectly the attitude of Americans. They want Freedom, but do not want to pay anything for it.

I wrote the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law in April of 1995 to return freedom to these United States, and I could only get around 30 People per thousand, to send in $10 to support the cause within a year. What they want will never happen. They will loose everything they have, and ultimately, their lives too. Eventually, I had to close the Judicial Accountability Bank Account because the $30 per month banking charges where more than the contributions made to the cause to keep the account open.

I have been contacted by numerous millionaires over the years who shared with me their plight, and all the money, homes, and properties they have lost. But not a one has contributed even 5 cents to the cause. Just one multimillionaire who gained his wealth from the medical industry, has contributed $6000 from his milti-millions to Bill Stegmerier in the South Dakota J.A.I.L. effort, and I was informed that he was more than a millionaire, but actually a billionaire. B
ut even he has abandoned the cause of Judicial Accountability, and has asked me not to contact him any more.

Thank you for contacting me, Mairi, with your message of concern. It is too bad that People will not take your message to heart. True is the saying, "We, the willing, lead by the unknown, have done the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now discussing doing the impossible with nothing."

People have even shunned the One Who is the foundation of all liberty, saying, "Leave God out of this!" Surely we are in the days like unto Noah, when no one listened to his message of escape from certain destruction.

Ron Branson

On 4/16/2013 4:22 PM, Mairi wrote:

    My heart is broken by the Boston explosions. Word that one of the dead is a little 8 year old is even more disturbing. Has anyone else noticed how many children are being stolen from us recently?

     Most of you know I am in Illinois. Daily, our children are falling on our streets here. Recently, one was a tiny 6 month old, Jonylah, whose daddy is a gang member, but who never the less, had every right to her natural life. Not one cut short by a rival gang member's bullet.

     There is no respect for life. Those of us who have waged opposition to Roe v. Wade all these many years, knew this would be one of the *unintended consequences*. Really, though, are the consequences *unintended*? Listen to Sanger, or Ginsberg. Sadly, both women, who decided in their own twisted minds, that they had the right to choose which members of our society could or should be allowed to procreate. Knowing full well that Sanger and Ginsberg were both targeting those *they* believed are *unwanted segments* of our society with genocide, and knowing that Planned Parenthood and Roe v. Wade are in full gear, why are any of us surprised by the wanton and willful annihilation of innocents?

     What truly amazes me, more often than not, as the nightly news addresses yet another young person slain for no reason, the story usually coincides with the fact that the young person taken is an honor student, or someone innocently caught in the crossfire, that had absolutely nothing to do with gangs. A particularly sad set of stories were two young men, in separate incidents, who each died protecting young women that they knew. These are the very children we need, yet they often are the innocent targets.

     America needs to get back to the Founding Principle of protecting life. Ruth *Baiter* Ginsburg has absolutely no business sitting on our Supreme Court. It is not a lifetime tenure, and she must be removed. We need to get an effort underway that starts taking those out of business who refuse to do the work of We the People. There has to be a better, more coordinated effort to let these people know, that since they steal elections, and we cannot remove them that way, that we will come for them in citizen actions that have nothing to do with stolen ballots, padded petitions, or illegal voters being allowed to remain on the rolls. We will remove them from office with citizen initiatives. We must work against them, choosing those we consider the worst of the lot, and doing our own work incrementally, one at a time, hopefully causing the weeping and gnashing of teeth of those who will be next.

"Evil cannot ever be accommodated, nor bargained with."

     Those words are quoted from the new series, "The Vikings". They couldn't be more appropriate. We have been *accommodating* and *bargaining* with evil for far too long. It never works. Evil must be challenged and dispatched the moment it rears it's ugly head. We have witnessed evil creep into our daily way of life through such perpetrators as the ACLU, and even our courts. Activist judges must be stopped.

     Time and again, we elect representatives that we believe will go to D.C. to promote the People's agenda, and time and time again, we see them sell out their principles, and ours, the moment they hit the ground in D.C. Many joke about the *cesspool* that is D.C., but it is no joke. D.C. has become a cesspool, and the swamp must be drained. However, it is never going to be drained by the people who dwell within it, instead, it will be necessary to drain it by those who see it from a distance, and recognize and smell it's acrid, rotting stink.

     It is time to quit fighting willy-nilly on small fronts, and begin attacking the head of the beast. An all-out effort against the upper echelons, like Ruth, and work our way down the line until the last stinking rats abandon the ship. That's how they have taken the upper hand, that's how we need to get it back.

     There will never again be respect for life, if the majority among us do not demand it. Those who have been incrementally stealing away the goodness that is and always has been America, must never be accommodated, or bargained with. With resolve, we must make our challenge now, and take back America as the Republic of a moral society. Anything less is defeat.

GOD Bless

Mairi Contrairi


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