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[Victims of Court Corruption] Cyber Attacks Against Web Sites - By Dr. Greg Dixon

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Cyber Attacks Against Web Sites

Has the Moslem Cyber Jihad Against Christian Web Sites Begun?

By Dr. Greg J. Dixon, Pastor

As reported on the June 19 Trumpet Online and Freedom's Phoenix, the recent cyber attacks by unknown assailants, more properly called internet rape of three out of four of our web sites, and those of our web master, David Williams, are nothing less than overwhelming,
when the extent of the damage and the scope of the attack is assessed.

We couldn't detect the problem by looking at the front page, because the hacker's skill allowed them to do their damage without affecting the Home Page. But when we tried to load articles onto The Trumpet
Online it was impossible; neither could we make changes on the Biblical Law Center and Trail of Blood Revisited sites. Neither could we access the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship site through Internet

Finally Bro. Williams made the discovery as to what happened. Not suspecting that we had been hacked, I sent out a letter to our Biblical
Law Center Mailing List explaining that the reason we had not been sending out the Trumpet Online and This Day in Baptist History Past, is because Word Press had been making changes to the web site, and I hadn't been able to contact the web master to find out how to facilitate the changes.

What a shock to find that we had been the victims of a vicious attack by unknown assailants who ruthlessly ripped out the cyber guts of our
web sites with no consciousness of their assault on Christ and His gospel. With wanton disregard to the cost of building those sites, and what it will take to Dr. Steve Lawrence replace them, they tore them up like an animal would rip the innards of its prey with no regard, like a man beast would rape a woman with no concern for her chastity.

There was only one thought that came to my mind: whoever did this had to have a hatred for Christ and the gospel that would cause them
to stoop to anything to stop His message from going forth to the ends
of the earth.

As we mentioned in our article on the 19th, that one of their methods was to bombard our websites that normally would receive around 200 hits per day with as many as 76,000 hits, which totally pulverized some of the websites. ....

As we already know, the NSA has been exposed as having gotten into the private lives of our emails and our telephone calls. While the above cannot be verified as the work of the NSA, obviously, the NSA is not above suspicion.

Since we are on this subject, I will again make it known that the work of Judicial Accountability Initiative Law was hacked into and all the years of saved work was deleted. This was only discovered when it became obvious that it was impossible to gain access to our computer. Our computer had to be counter-hacked into to gain access and the password changed, as we were locked out of our own computer.

Upon survey of the damages, we discovered that only the information pertaining to exposure of the judges was deleted, and all the rest of our material was intact.

So we then turned to our trustee elaborate one terabyte back up system to restore what had been lost only to discover that it too was wiped out so that no information could accessed. We are now missing many years of precious saved information going all the way back to the turn of the century of 2000. I since realized that reliance upon the internet is risky business and subject to vandalism, destruction, and total wipe out if whoever it is does not approve of what your are doing.

Ron Branson


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