Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[Victims of Court Corruption] What is a Magistrate?

Re: Don, I have been looking for him fir a long time. I even visited his hangout, and was told that they have not seen him for quite some time. As to bail on tickets, the law says that no one can be incarcerated on an infraction. You have to just challenge them on this. They incarcerated me on a ticket, and no sooner than they got me in, they told me that they were releasing me, but added that I was to appear in thirty days for trial. I told them that if they wanted me there for trial, then keep me here. They said that they did not have the money to keep me in jail. I told them that I was not there to save them money. I immediately initiated a lawsuit against Commissioner Kevil Martin for kidnapping, holding me hostage, and demanding ransom (signature). See Branson v. Martin, 56 Cal.App. 4th at 300. That case generated a California Law Review on the Fourth Amendment right to be taken before a Magistrate for a Probable Cause Hearing. It case completely thwarted the identification of who is, and who is not a Magistrate pursuant to Penal Code 808. The California Appellate Court rewrote the law of Pen. Code 808 to save the can of the Defendant Commissioner Martin. The case is even cited in the U.S. Supreme Court in other matters before the Court on defining
what is a "Magistrate."


phil@knuckleworks.com wrote:
Ron , I plan on suing the LA County Courts and County of Los Angeles for it's unconstutional policy of demanding bail on tickets at arainment before giving a trial date.
Any info that you could give me would be helpful. By the way have you heard from Don?- phil

It's time People hold Judges accountable to our Grand Juries

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