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                                                                                                Tuesday 13 March 2012
To Whom It May Concern:
     On 11 January 1988, a well-known manhatttan drug dealer for many decades celebrated her 50th birthday while her best known enemy was sentenced to 25 years of absolute custody. Detective Ronald Hoffman # 844 did, on 9 October 1984, arrest a former new york city police officer (Frederick Alexander Jones # 2492) upon extraordinarily flagrantly false evidence. Indeed, for an extremely shocking and brutal beating with a large metal object, subsequent hospitalization and an enormous number of x-rays had very plainly resulted in  "FINAL DIAGNOSIS : NO TRAUMA". The alleged victim had clearly been given countless tests, during a six day period.
     The arrest was very irrefutably false. The entire case had been based upon the most flagrant lies, and became increasingly outrageous. Moreover, when the White victim gave her critical sworn testimony under oath and during a jury trial, the first part irrefutably and very directly contradicted every material statement of the inculpatory second part of her sworn testimony. Very obviously, it could not be used as evidence. Nevertheless, this vindicating testimony was never recorded. It was suppressed. Moreover, so many flagrant human rights violations occurred at trial. There was no contemporaneous public scrutiny, as the fundamental right to a public trial was qualified out of existance.
     This case (Indictment 6804.84, New York County) was, also, one that demonstrated very glaringly flagrant willful deprivations of federal and state constitutional violations that included the grossly ineffective assistances of trial counsel.
     Frederick Alexander Jones was the defendant and a Black man who was treated to the dastardly corruptions and racist attitudes of law enforcement and court officers.
     For the forgoing reasons (and others), this case had been extremely difficult to investigate. Therefore, please, allow Jones to request appropriate investigations, as the criminal civil rights laws (e.g. 18 USC 242, etc.) have been in shameless disuse for many decades.
     One may start with the White "victim" Gloria Rivera (currently Gloria Revelli, 201 West 89th Street, Apt. 2C, New York, N.Y. 10024). The medical records appear available, also.


Sincerely yours,
Frederick Alexander Jones
315 West 61st Street, Apartment 11-O
New York, New York 10023
1-646-570-2228 (cell phone)
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