Friday, April 20, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Letter from Edward Strange, JIC of Georgia to House Gov. RE:- Mayor Reed of Atlanta and his agenda to the people

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Subject: Mayor Reed of Atlanta and his agenda to the people
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 03:33:58 -0400
From: Edward Strange <>
To:, Corentiss Holmes <>,,,

I understand why the previous Exec.of the Atlanta Citizen Review Board (ACRB) resigned after attending a meeting of the ACRB on April 18, 2012, it has elected to remove it bylaws from it's web page to avoid transparency(, also it has the appearance of board consisting of a majority of personnel that is affiliated with the Judicial System, not the average non-bias citizens.
The meeting was conducted with the resemblance of a "Peanut Gallery".
Why will first term Reed not attend a Georgia Coalition for the Peoples Agenda( GCPA) meeting, (hosted by Rev. Lowery, that represents the Greater Metro Atlanta area's civil and voting rights) as he did when seeking the nomination of office of Mayor of Atlanta?  Has he moved to a different agenda? This brings to question where his heart is now, regarding the concerns of the citizens he represents.
 I trust and believe that the majority of the officers of the APD are doing an outstanding job, even though with every barrel of apples there are a rotting few which must be discarded which can not be done from within the alliance of that entity/barrel. "Just my opinion"
Please review these links with a non-bias opinion of why the previous Exec. of ACRB resigned from a $100,000.00 position.
and lastly but the joke does not make me laugh as I think it belongs in all counties of Georgia, this link:


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