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[Victims of Court Corruption] Judicial Insanity At Play! - J4J

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Judicial Insanity At Play!


I am Ron Branson of [Judicial Accountability Initiative Law]. Attorney Gary L. Zerman, my associate, has suggested that I write this email in relation to the last case which I brought against the Los Angeles County Superior Court and the City of Los Angeles, and to request whatever assistance you may have to offer. We are familiar with your Banks case at
and encourage others to familiarize themselves therewith.

Attorney Zerman, and myself are very well familiar with the fraud and corruption taking place within our judicial system, both locally and nationwide, and are spokespersons relating to this ever-expanding court corruption.

You are to be honored in seeking to assist the helpless who have been swallowed up by an uncontrollable judicial system. Our hats are off to you.

Here are the facts regarding a ridiculous so-called "conviction" regarding myself that commenced back in November 2009, and has proceeded all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court with not one court, state or federal, deciding an issue presented. The Supreme Court just recently declined to accept Cert. and I am appending a copy of that Cert. via attachment.

In short, I am the victim of a criminal proceeding in which there was no magistrate, no determination of Probable Cause, no appearance at an arraignment, no criminal charges presented, no notice, and no plea. Yet I was "convicted," followed by imprisonment in the Los Angeles County jail. When I got out, I appealed and found within the appellate record a so-called Minute Order of 11/24/2009 that alleges that I was present at an arraignment and entered a plea to the criminal charges upon which I ultimately spent time in jail.

I contacted the court reporter named within that Minute Order and was informed by her that no such proceeding took place, and therefore it was impossible for her to prepare a transcript of that proceeding.

I asked her is she would prepare and sign a sworn declaration as to what she had just told me, and she did so. From that time all the way through to the U.S. Supreme Court, not one court has acknowledged her sworn declaration, nor refuted it.

Ultimately, after four federal judges recused themselves from the case, the fifth federal judges dismissed my suit for relief saying that I could refile the federal suit when I overturned the conviction.

This, of course, raises the question, how can I overturn an  criminal charge when there was not any of the above stated processes present. Such is impossible.

I appealed this dismissal to the Ninth Circuit, and it was as if they were prepared for its coming as the moment I filed the Notice of Appeal and paid the $455 fee, I was noticed by the Clerk of the intent to sustain the judgment of dismissal.

Now how can there be a determination on appeal with no Record on Appeal, no Opening Brief, and no questions presented for determination. Yet that is exactly what happened.

The rest can be seen in the Supreme Court Cert. attached.

Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ron Branson


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