Monday, May 28, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Columbine Victims Cry Out for Exposure of the Truth!

Columbine Victims Cry Out for
Exposure of the Truth!

by Ron Branson - JAIL4Judges

Yesterday, (Sunday afternoon) I traveled down from Los Angeles to Orange County to meet with some important people in respect to plans for the future of JAIL4Judges. Three different angle cameras were set up and we discussed the fraud going on in our country and within our judiciary here in California. I pointed out that a poll taken by our California Judicial Council in 1996 revealed that 52% of Californians were less than pleased with the then current judicial system. Since 1996 it has only gotten much worse, and now California is facing bankruptcy with the courts screaming that they are having to close courtrooms because of the lack of money. We are being told via the media that without courts, we are going to suffer the lack of justice.

I discussed the fact that within our efforts to establish Judicial Accountability in South Dakota in 2006, we encounter lies, deception, fraud and cover-up involving the entire South Dakota Legislature, to include State Attorney General Long, Chief Justice David Gilbertson, Tom Barnett, head of the S.D. Bar Association, and illegally turning the entire capital building in Pier, S.D. into a campaign office against the passage of Judicial Accountability on the ballot in S.D. Financially assisting in this cover-up was the banks, the oil industry of Exxon and Mobil, and also the insurance industry. This warfare is documented blow by blow on the website of

I travel back to L.A. and after a night's rest, I woke up and checked my emails. On top of my list was an email from the victims of the Columbine Massacre which drew so much attention in our country a few years ago. This event was taken up in Congress with every media in the world covering it. Rather than me enter my own description of what happened, it is more appropriate that I show the email I just received.

Folks, there is so much fraud that is going on within our country, and particularly within our judiciary, that it is beyond comprehension.

Ron Branson


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:


We, the families of the Columbine victims, ask for your assistance in our super high profile tragedy. We have learned a tremendous amount of disturbing information since the tragedy.

Please review our website - Google Columbine family request. What is most disturbing is the depth of the cover up. We learned that the Columbine shooters had been raped during an arrest months before the tragedy.  NO ONE in the position of trust will call for an investigation of our concerns.

We have documented proof that even President Clinton refused to act upon our report that the shooters were raped, and instead protected the pedophile rapist.

Our list includes;

* District Attorney Dave Thomas,
* Colorado Attorney General Suthers,
* Interior Secretary Ken Salazar,
* Ex Governors Owens and Ritter,
* Present Gov. Hickenlooper,
* Colorado Supreme Court,
* Many federal judges,
* Sitting Rep. Lamborn,
* Rep. Tancredo et al.

The info that we have is backed up by forensic psychologist Leeza Bippert,, Attorney John De Camp (Franklin coverup), and many others.

We have a Common Law expert volunteering and would like to have your support in order to force our concerns into a common law court.

I hope you can see that this is tremendous opportunity to fight for the protection of our children. This institutional protection of pedophiles MUST END. 

Please call ASAP. Our children are depending on us to protect them.

God Bless,

Ron Aigner
(303) 697-1282

Mother of Columbine victim Mark Taylor .....
(719) 963-4410


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