Friday, July 06, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] N.H. fully informed jury Bill signed by Governor

Hello, Dick Marple. Congratulations on this legislative victory in New Hampshire. Allow me to say just one thing by way of correction.

The People, identified as Jurors and Grand Jurors, should never be referred to as a "Fourth Branch of Government." This position presumes that the People are on an equal footing with the Three Branches of Government. They are not! The People are above and superior to the Three Branches of Government, which are but mere Public Servants of the People. Just a word of caution re this misconception. We need to be careful to be correct in our publicity on this!

Ron Branson

Dick Marple wrote:

I am happy to advise the captioned!   Signed June 16, 2012.

After 20 odd years of work, with getting it through the House but having
it killed in the Senate, we have finally prevailed.

Hopefully this achievement will foster other state to do likewise and thus
restore the "Fourth Branch" of our government, the people who have the
last say on the law.

Please note the direct language that eliminates any wiggle room for those
who muddy the waters with semantic subterfuge and syntax confusion.

Hope you will spread the word to your contacts and visit
for more comments on our success!

I will again be on the Ballot for re-election September 11, and hopefully will best my adversary, a public servant Firemen who is SEIU, Union and is being paid by the Union, (if elected), to lobby against and vote against the
"Right-To-Work" Legislation which passed both houses last session but was
vetoed by our Democratic Governor and failed to get the necessary 66-2/3
vote to override. Hence it will be introduced again in the new session that
starts in January 2013.

Sincerely,  Dick Marple


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