Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Despairing Situation - So what are we going to do about it?

Dear Representative Harry Accornero:

This is Ron Branson of JAIL4Judges. J.A.I.L. stands for "Judicial Accountability Initiative Law."  The below email has come to my attention, and I wish to be of any assistance that I can. Inasmuch as not all states have a People's Initiative Process in which the People may place in effect an end-run around unwilling legislators, I have also written the J.A.I.L Initiative as legislation. This any state may do, but the People will face an uphill battle with the very people they have elected to "represent" them.

My persuasion is "radical," but so is Truth! Truth demands there be a level playing field, but there are those who do not want to play on a level playing field.

I have a Judicial Accountability provision for all fifty states. The first place to start in dealing with legislation is for a representative to submit the proposed Bill for consideration, placing it before the appropriate committees. In all the years I have been pushing this since 1995 not one legislator has touched it.

Nonetheless, facts are facts. Unless, and until we have judicial accountability, no other legislation is going to prevail. The reason is because all laws absent the ability to enforce it are mere scarecrows.

Judges have made themselves immune from the Constitution and every other law through their self-made Doctrine of Judicial Immunity. They have instituted a doctrine that "Judges can do no wrong!" The only Entity above man's the law is God Himself, Who made all things. Under our supposed Rule of Law that governs our country, there can be no human being upon earth that can set himself above the law that governs his actions. Carved in stone are the words, "We are a Nation of Laws, and not of men." But the truth is, we have become a Nation of men, and not of laws.

It therefore, behooves us to take mandatory action, even if it be directly from the People themselves, to either pass laws or invoke the Initiative Process to enforce Judicial Accountability. When you are ready, I will send you the precise wording which I propose to be submitted to the legislature. I shall also make myself available to explain the need for each and every provision therein, and to debate with any who wish to debate the issue. Believe me, I know very well whereof I speak, and am instantly ready to debate on my feet the proposed Bill quite persuasively. Thank you, Harry.

Ron Branson
National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief
(818) 310-8999

Arnold Rosner wrote:
Hi Harry,

Thanks for the update.  You can expect to hear from Mr. Branson as his time permits.

Arnie Rosner

On Aug 14, 2012, at 1:12 PM, Harry Accornero <> wrote:


As you know I am involved in a Primary. Once I make it pass that I have to get by the General Election. If I am successful I will get together with Rep. Dick Marple, and work with him to bring up legislation to address important matter. I would appreciate Mr. Branson input as to how to proceed.


On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 2:49 PM, Arnold Rosner <> wrote:
            Hi Harry,

As a rep in New Hampshire do you have anything you would care to add?  Mr. Branson here is the creator of some marvelous legislation that will guarantee a return of liberty.  Something you might wish to also support.

Feel free to discuss with Mr. Branson.. I think you will also be amazed at his logic and legal approach to provide us withy a remarkable solution..


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