Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Looking To Our Slave-Drivers To Be Reasonable and Grant Mercy

Looking To Our Slave-Drivers To Be Reasonable and Grant Mercy

Arnie, you are confirming everything I have proclaimed. You are looking to some semblance of reasoning within government, and that is not going to happen. Consider the famous quote of George Washington,   Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

Arnie, do you accept the statement of George Washington? If so, why is it you advocate that we must reason with the unreasonable? You are proclaiming that notwithstanding George Washington's statement, we must work harder at reasoning with government!

JAIL4judges does not depend upon what government may or will do. It is solely a function of the People via the People's Initiative Process. You are running your head into a concrete wall, and that wall is harder than your head!

Now I wish to correct you on your statement, "Everything that has been suggested or tried so far falls on deal ears." I challenge you, Arnie, to show where the People have voted in and passed JAIL4Judges, and this J.A.I.L. Amendment to our Constitution did not work.

If you cite me to South Dakota, I contend that it was us, the People, who decided not to try JAIL4Judges as a remedy. It was the People who refused this freedom, the government only agreed with the People's position that it would be unwise for the People to escape government tyranny.

If this proves anything, it proves the People would rather be slaves under tyranny than dissolve the ties that bind them to tyrannical government. So now you are arguing that these slaves should now beseech their slave-drivers to be reasonable and grant mercy.

Ron Branson

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Arnie wrote:

Everything that has been suggested or tried so far falls on deaf ears. If the legal system had any semblance of respect for the Constitution and the law, it would seem reasonable for at least some of these attempts to have been taken seriously and acted upon within the legal framework of the judicial system. To that point, I come back to the same place from which we seem to differ and opinions as to how to crack the judicial nut.  

It is obvious, the legislation you have created is truly brilliant. However, as I endeavor to point out, a legal system that knows no respect for the Constitution by which we the people wish to be governed, will not suddenly gain a conscience and accept your legislation which would eliminate their fraudulent control.

Below, is the result of the work of Steven and Scott Pattison.   If you are open-minded enough to consider another point of view which may offer a suitable solution, take a few moments and review their constructive notice. The Pattison's content this is the equivalent of what our founders had executed in order to sever our relationship of servitude with Great Britain. Your analysis would be appreciated.

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We have to repeat what the Colonists did but without getting anyone put in jail. Declaration of Rights and Grievances

This is what our Constructive Notice is doing declaring our Rights and asking our so called elected officers to do their job.


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