Friday, September 14, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Government Cover-Up - by Warren Yates

Dear Freedom House:


We, my client and I, are facing grievous political prosecution for exposing corruption that ends at Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s front door.  ALL of the allegations below are factual and there is audio tape, video tape and documented proof of all of the allegations that are being ignored due to Panetta’s involvement.  Please take the short time to read the below and see if you can help get this story out.   Thank you.


I am a licensed private investigator in California and was hired by the Merced County Public Defender’s Office at my client, Mr. Gene Forte's insistence to investigate the fabricated and false charges against him. I began my investigation and because my investigation so far has shown that the police report is rife with lies and false allegations, I have subsequently been taken off the case because I reported the true facts which show the corruption.


The corruption began in Monterey County, CA and is now Merced County. The problem is that the corruption began in Monterey County and involves Leon Panetta who is from Monterey County. Because of Leon Panetta being involved, my client and I have been silenced in trying to get this case into public view.


My client Mr. Gene Forte has been viciously assaulted both physically and financially in an attempt, successfully up to this point, silence him from making law abiding citizens aware of how corrupt government officials can violate their constitutional rights and deny them due process of law.


I have written to 84+ newspapers across the US. I have sent letters to Geraldo Rivera, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and all of the talk shows asking them to investigate the recordings, court documents, video recordings and blatant lies by law enforcement officials in administrative positions. The only response I received was from Sarah Ganim, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter from the Patriot-News in Harrisburg, PA. She asked for some proof and we sent her 11 files, showing her the proof she requested. She has never responded to me.  Sadly, she joined the rest of the “sheeple” who are afraid to expose the corruption.


I have been making blanket appeals for someone, somewhere with enough fearless integrity to just examine the files to show their veracity. Mr. Forte is also a publisher of the Badger Flats Gazette in Los Banos, CA. .


In the Merced County crime reports I have found 16 different discrepancies, that are either lies or the fact that they were not able to orchestrate their statements to appear consistent. It’s easy to remember the truth but hard to remember lies.  And as I was finding more discrepancies, Merced County Public Defender Eric Dumars advised my client that I “could not be trusted” and could no longer continue to investigate. The reason is that I would not go along with their “railroading” of Mr. Forte to silence him.


I found a blatant lie that a deputy sheriff put in his report and we have video tape proof that he lied to make Mr. Forte look like he was resisting arrest. The deputy forgot that there was an outside video camera at the courthouse that substantiates that the deputy lied.


 I took my findings to the Merced County District Attorney’s Office in person demanding that they remove the deputy and file felony false report charges against him. If he lied in this report he has certainly lied in many other reports to instigate false charges.  The district attorney has refused to take any action and has never contacted me.  I might add at this point that the DA, Larry Morse, was a defendant in a lawsuit filed by Mr. Forte and has admitted publicly that he should not investigate or prosecute Mr. Forte’s case due to the conflict but he is ignoring the conflict and breaking the law and ethics.


With no acknowledgment from the district attorney, I then sent my report and video to the California Attorney General’s Office. They sent it back two days later and told me to go to Merced County if I had a problem there and to report it to them.  Of course, they refuse to even acknowledge my report of criminal conduct by a deputy sheriff.


My frustration level is peaking. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and have never seen the level of corruption and cover-up as in Mr. Forte’s case. Corruption abounds In Merced County and the department of defense without fear of anyone being held accountable.  This abuse of lawful authority and constitutional rights is tantamount to an insidious deadly disease attacking the Bill of Rights and placing citizens under the thumb of grievous oppression by our own government.


Mr. Forte is not a demented habitual complainer nor am I.  On the contrary, Mr. Forte is a very learned man. He has in fact, all of the unfettered, unadulterated clear and convincing evidence to expose their corruption.  I am merely a private investigator seeking justice, to try to let me feel once again that we can trust law enforcement.  Right now this is a very dark day for ethical law enforcement, government and the right of citizens to feel secure from despotic, repressive and cruel treatment with no accountability.


The Sacramento and Fresno offices of the FBI will not return our calls. Mr. Forte has an audio recording of two FBI agents in the Fresno Office stating that Mr. Forte's case has been flagged with the notation from US Attorney Ben Wagner, to refuse to investigate Mr. Forte's case of law enforcement criminal conduct and unashamed conflicts of interest.


Mr. Forte has an audio recording of Agent Barranti, of the U.S. Inspector General’s Office in San Francisco, asking why his case is not being investigated. Barranti is says that they are not going to investigate Mr. Forte’s case and not to bother him anymore stating "I am done with it, I am done with it". He then hung up the phone in Mr. Forte's face.  Government oppression, subjugation and tyranny involving city, county, state and federal levels rearing its ugly head against its citizens.  Shameful.


I have been imploring anyone out there, who reads this, to stand up for the rights of citizens while covering a story that has national implications. The corruption ends at Leon Panetta’s doorstep. This expose would of course embarrass the obama administration and hamper his re-election efforts. This is why they are trying to silence us. If this tyrannical oppressive conduct can happen to Mr. Forte, it can happen to you or one of your families. It is time to put a stop to this egregious and illegal conduct condoned by governmental law enforcement officials.


I know that you are extremely busy and if you cannot help to right this terrible wrong, I am only asking that if you know of someone, anyone, you could forward this email to that might be able to help get our story exposed, you would do so. I would sincerely appreciate any help you could extend.


Please feel free to contact either myself or Gene Forte, to let us provide the proof to you that will fully substantiate the corruption and cover ups, and allow exposure and hopefully the end of this dictatorial and totalitarian illegal conduct.


Very sincerely


Warren Yates

Contact:  Warren Yates  (209) 572-4599

                 Gene Forte      (209) 894-5040




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