Thursday, November 01, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] The Modis Operendi of the Ninth Circuit

Scott, if they do like they did with me, the next step is to streamline the appeal of the judge's baseless decision with a automatic affirmance immediately after you file a Notice of Appeal, without a Record on Appeal or an Opening Brief, saying their decision is based upon the Opening Brief which does not exist.

But the Ninth needs not worry, as the Supreme Court will invariably uphold their arbitrary affirmance of the judgment below without an argument on appeal. You get the idea that we are in free-fall that goes from filing of the original complaint all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in just the inverse order of how the Twin Towers collapsed.

If my fifteenth time to the Supreme Court is any indication, this is the new "norm." The Ninth figures why bother with legal arguments on the law when they can just arbitrarily affirm everything below without the law? Dealing with the law and the facts only slows everything up and just takes up their time. It's like stepping up to the plate with the bat in hand and the empire immediately yells, "You're Out!"


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A wacked out judge obsessed with the protection of Arpaio's police state cronies trumps Fed Rules of Civil Procedure by eliminating responses and replies of the parties.  Way too much order in this court, the judge sua sponte hijacked this litigation depriving the parties of responding pursuant to the Rules and Due Process.   The only thing on appeal is the motion and the judges order - no need for  responsive pleadings from the parties.  Life in a police state...

Is it any wonder that LAS can exist with judges like this.

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