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[Victims of Court Corruption] News media coverage

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David Stebbins
, I am not sure I understand your point. You appear to be pointing out a contradiction in my position. This, of course, is a welcome criticism.

However, offhandedly, it appears that your dispute is with Dr. Les Sachs journalism article describing the corruption of the courts. Allow me to state that I do endorse the work of Les Sachs, and his faithfulness to his convictions. But the fact must remain, it should be Dr. Sachs who should respond to your criticism of his work which I merely forwarded.

Now I have to say this, by seeking to undermine Dr. Sachs exposure of the corrupt judicial system, I take it that you wish to assert your defense of the corrupt judicial system. I have previously made a note appended to your file from previous communications with you that I suspect you to be a Member of the Bar Association. Perhaps you can confirm or deny this fact for me so that I may reflect the true facts relating to you whether you are a Bar Member.

I will forward you criticism of Dr. Sachs work to him for his response. Likewise, I shall be interested in your response to his defense of his journalism work. Thank you very much, David, and God bless.

Ron Branson

-------- Original Message --------

Mr. Branson,

On your website, following this link, you state the following:

"The newspapers and  television and media won't help you. They hear stories like yours all the time. The USA media are afraid to help you, afraid of revenge if they expose judicial corruption."

If that is the case, how do you explain this news article... one that you yourself brought to my attention!

Please explain this contradiction, and please do so with gusto.

David Stebbins


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