Friday, December 21, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Hypocrisy of Gun Control Advocate Deanne Feinstein

Hypocrisy of Gun Control
Advocate Dianne Feinstein

By Ron Branson

According to the testimony of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, out of fear for her life, she carries a concealed weapon, and expresses a willingness to take down anyone who threatens her.

Thus, relative to the Newtown, Ct. shooting scene, had Dianne been present within that school at the time, she would have pulled her gun and fired back at the assailant as a matter of life and death.

To make sense of Senator Dianne Feinstein's position, she thus believes that she has a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and to use it against anyone whom she perceives might threaten her, but she does not believe the People have that same right.

Her expressed justification for her stated belief is that the world has become much more violent with the People having the same right she has.

Therefore, she is proposing legislation cutting off access to what she believes are dangerous guns in the hands of People.

*   *   *

Interesting is the change of terms within the liberal media in the furtherance of gun control. Weapons in the hands of the People that are called "Assault Rifles," are called "Tactical Weapons" in the hands of the government. It just depends upon whose hands the guns are in. Try switching these titles and their applications, and see how the media is manipulating the news, and control of the People.

I suppose that "Two irons, two irons, the British are coming," can be transposed into, "The SWAT Teams are coming with Tactical Weapons, and the revoltees are resisting with their Musket Assault Rifles." Then the news reports, "We just have to outlaw those Muskets, because they are dangerous weapons that must be taken off the streets."


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