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[Victims of Court Corruption] Ron Branson - The Egotistical Idiot!

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Ron Branson
The Egotistical Idiot!

Gentlemen, gentlemen, dare I step in here to interject my 2 cents worth? Often I stand on the sidelines to observe the controversies. I admit to my hesitancy to jumping in rapidly, inasmuch as I realize that one can interpret my words a self-serving and boastful, being the author of JAIL4Judges. So right at the outset, I readily admit to my predicament. There is an old saying, "It is hard to be humble when you know as much as I do." But my predicament is, how do I speak the Truth without somehow appealing to my own accomplishments and knowledge? I do know know how to do that, so I will just have to bear the scorn of those who charge that Branson is just patting himself on the back. So be it. I will just have to accept that some will receive the Truth, and some will not! So now I face the charge, "What is Truth?" And "Does Truth rest with Ron Branson?"

Gentlemen, we do not need any, or more "Rush Limbaughs." Not to put down Rush, as he does say many good things. Basically, I see him as a marvelous entertainer with some good points, however, I cannot picture Rush really getting to the warfare dealing blows at the heart of the problem. Will he take on judicial immunity? Will he take on the overthrow of the Federal Reserve Banking system? I really doubt it. These subjects are just too close to home, outside the controversial circles of politics.

Yes, Arnie is quite right. The system is terrified at the very thought of the passage of judicial accountability as proposed by JAIL4Judges, and our opposition will spend unlimited funds to ditch the subject. But my qualm with the patriot community is, does this give us an excuse to turn from the front line and position our cross hairs at a less controversial target that will not generate so much resistance? I say Nay! The patriots have gone AWOL from the front line. JAIL4Judges in South Dakota revealed for the doubters where the front line is, i.e., the Achelies Heel of our enemies, if you will.

I guarantee you that hitting the bulls eye of the target is going to generate the maximum resistance. Our objective cannot be to look for less resistance. We cannot be content with a less serious front line. True, they are going to pull out their big guns, and fire their big artillery backed by millions of dollars. Wake up, patriots,. we destroy the Federal Reserve with their Federal Reserve Notes! Lots and lots of them. But you say, "We haven't got millions of Federal Reserve Notes like they have." Based upon this conclusion, shall we just throw down our guns and run the other way? Shall we just cash in our chips and surrender, or shall we not put on a fierce fight for Truth at any cost? It amazes me how many Federal Reserve Notes the patriot community is spending, and will spend, on other things that avoid the real frontline issue.

I was called to be a speaker at a major patriot seminar. I was very concerned about what I needed to say, which would have cut clear across all the other patriot speaker's messages if what we needed to do. I was tempted to say, "With all the money that has been spent on sponsoring this seminar, we could have launched a fearful blow to our enemies that they will never forget, but I resisted the temptation and tried not to discount everyone elses message. I am known by patriot leaders throughout this nation. I don't wish to alienate them. But I know a lot of them think I am the engine on a single track. To this charge, I plead guilty. But at least I perceive that I am on the right track to victory to which the system fears most of all.

I have been at this front line issue now for sixteen years and have never received a salary for my labor. I say this not that I should be bountifully reimbursed, God knows, but to express the absence of essential priorities!

Let me put a good word in here for Bill Stegmeirer. He determined that he wished to invest his money in a effort to provide a better future for his children. He coughed up out of his own personal funds $140,000 to place JAIL4Judges on the ballot. To my knowledge, he had no real serious supporters in his effort other than one multi-millionaire who gratefully contributed $6,000. This multi-millionaire said, "If you win, I have got a lot more money for you." I know that this millionaire previously contributed just shy of a million dollars in a single election just to try to get his man elected as governor. He failed in his effort. Did he quit? No! I simply think he has lessor priorities, but it was his money to invest!

Did we win in South Dakota? In the conventional evaluation, no, we did not win. But Bill revealed how vulnerable the system really is. The system relied on the hope no one would ever come forward with the Federal Reserve Notes to provide that JAIL4Judges would ever see the light of day. They were wrong. My point is that just one man rocked this nation, and threw fear into the hearts of the controlling system. He managed to gender 105 State Legislators of both Democrats and Republicans, the entire judicial system of South Dakota, the governor, and the State Attorney General, as well as the Cities and the Counties of his State to stand up and take note of his accomplishments, causing them to willfully violate their own State Constitution by turning the entire State Capital into a campaign office, which was not only a violation of their Constitution, but also a criminal violation of their own statutes, which imposed a criminal jail sentence for those found guilty. The problem way, since the entire State was involve in this criminal violation, there was no one innocent, and outside the conspiracy,  to prosecute the criminals, which was all of them!

Not only was the government guilty of violating their own criminal statutes, but they welcome into the pool the bankers, the oil companies, and the insurance industry. Bill caused an all out warm, more or less, single-handedly. Just imagine if he had the help and aid of the patriot community behind him? Would we have won? Perhaps not, but we sure could have sent a clear and open message. Instead, we sent a clear message that you dare not mess with the system!

No war is won with the dropping of the first bomb. It takes repeated endurance, again and again and again! We only have to take one state, and we have won our country. Our opponents have to make sure we can never win anywhere, as they know it will spell their doom!

Now I wish to address the prospects of winning since the question is raised below,
"So, suppose we win and have in place the Pure People's Bureaucracy. Who will be in charge of currency, coinage, and responsibility for payment?"  Should we win, we still will not be on easy street! Even after a win, we are going to experience the repercussions of years and years of fraud. There will be a great ball of knarreled yarn to unravel. As to the question, "Who will be in charge of currency," I propose we follow the dictates of our Constitution, namely, that Congress shall coin money and regulate the value thereof," which currently is 4122.5 grains of silver, troy weight pursuant to the U.S. Coinage Act of 1792.

How marvelous that I, Ron Branson, have thought of just enforcing our existing Constitution! Whatever happened to the saying, "We have but only begun to fight?" Okay, okay, I shall go back to my computer and see how Ron Branson's suggestion is pulled apart and another plan instituted in its place as has been practiced for the last sixteen years. What does Ron Branson know, anyway about saving our country. He is just an egotistic idiot!

Ron Branson

-------- Original Message --------
So, you need an articulate spokesperson, such as Rush Limbaugh. 
Have you spoken on the air with Limbaugh?  Might that not be the best way to teach the masses in a hurry?
Would he let you complete your thoughts?
What about inviting him to be a guest.  Keith and Ron and you, Arnie, could interview him and discover how much he knows, filling in some details along the way.
Maybe something along those lines would be most efficient in moving things along and finding enough people to do all the work.  Don't forget Paul Guthrie and Paul Vallely.  So, you have some great guests (Terry Lakin ... ), all of whose names I can not list.  But you could even hold roundtable discussions and have other hosts guest-host events; Sean Hannity comes to mind.
So, suppose we win and have in place the Pure People's Bureaucracy. 
Who will be in charge of currency, coinage, and responsibility for payment?  How shall we come to grips with our debts, for instance those to China?  And how shall we prevent the new order from quickly becoming just as corrupt as the last?  How do we re-order the world's society, and who put me in charge of all this, anyway?  Oh, yeah, the Founding Fathers.  So, you're in charge, I'm in charge, and all responsible U.S. Citizens are in charge, so nobody's in charge, because everybody else will do it, that's what we're paying them to do.  What, they are not doing our business?  Fire them!  Now what?

Just some thoughts.


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On 2/19/2013 3:26 AM, Arnie wrote:

While there is still some discussion about this point, it is my understanding the laws under which we should be living is common law.  The system has unlawfully imposed contract or commercial law so they can exploit the people for whom they work.  ALL OF THIS IS THE HANDY WORK OF THE BANKSTERS. 

Ron's work is question about it.  His system would rope in the de facto system.  

However de facto knows this.  His attempt to implement in North Dakota or South Dakota demonstrated their resistance.  It also speaks to the credibility of Ron's work as they spent an awful lot of money discrediting the bill and defeated its passage.

However, we must force the issue and identify the fraud in such a way as to bring this all out into the open.  Not a simple task.

Bottom line is the more common folks who learn enough about the process of 'per se' which essentially is the art of representing one's self as I under stand it, the better equipped the common people are to deal with the corruption.  There are several very astute patriots who have distinguished themselves in this arena.   Most of the experts are more than willing to share their expertise to someone who can absorb the tactics and understand the law.

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