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[Victims of Court Corruption] Here Is What Is Going On Currently In L.A.

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Here Is What Is Going On
Currently In L.A.

Arnie, here is a more refined understanding of the situation of which we talked about as I understand it from the establishment media reports. The subject officer is Christopher Dorner. As a police officer, he witnessed a female superior command officer kicking a defenseless mentally ill man in handcuffs, and reported the incident to the upper command personnel.

After an "investigation" the police department said that Dorner was lying about a superior command police officer, and was fired from the L.A.P.D. police force for making a false police report. He appealed the decision to fire him for was he believes to be an act of vengeance against him for reporting a superior command officer, only to experience more cover-up.

He reached the end of trying to clear his name through all peaceable means, and the current life-threatening incident has ensued. He placed upon the internet a Manifesto declaring what really happened, seeking to vindicate his name and the truth through the only means left available to him. He claims that the L.A.P.D. is corrupt through and through, and now he is going to expose through any means, their cover-up and their corruption.

L.A.P.D. his now in total defense mode, even shooting a mother and her daughter delivering newspapers yesterday morning in Torrence. The daughter was hit in the hand, and the mother is still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot would. The media showed the bullet-ridden pick-up the ladies were delivering newspapers from. The police are seeking to justify the shooting by saying that the pick-up coming down the street had no headlights, justifying their use of force upon this pick-up. The pick-up they were looking for was a Nissan, however, the pick-up the ladies were driving was a Toyota.

Two blocks from that incident a different truck was fired upon, placing holes in the windshield, but missing the driver. The police are now trigger happy living in fear. We now know that some L.A.P.D. command authority lives down in that Torrence area.

The two ladies have already hired an attorney to prepare a suit against the L.A.P.D. over this shooting incident. In the meanwhile, there is a all-out L.A.P.D. search for Christopher Dorner, and it appears they have no desire for a peaceful resolution to this matter, but want him dead.

The reporter in Torrence has stated that all along she has honored police work in their trying to protect us, but filling a pick-up truck full of holes driven by innocent people is going a bit too far. Obviously, this is going to become a publicity matter of L.A.P.D. conduct in the courts, and getting to look like the making for a movie.



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