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[Victims of Court Corruption] Re: Judge's Parking and Traffic Tickets

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Re: Judge's Parking and Traffic Tickets
By Ron Branson
Nat'l JAIL4Judges Commander-In-Chief

There is but one profession in which we theoretically arise at the sound of the words of a Deputy Sheriff, "All rise, the Most Honorable Judge Ima Tyrant, presiding," when the judge graces us with their appearance. Yet, this profession has, in reality, demonstrated itself in much of its acts as being the most despicable and dishonorable profession of all. As we all know, "honor" must be earned, not demanded. Few, if any, leave a courtroom wearing a smile. It has even been said, "If you want to get screwed, go to court. But if you want justice, go to a brothel."

Upon a visit to the largest trial court in the nation, the Los Angeles County Superior Court, I witnessed on the bulletin boards of all floors a notice that extended free drug and alcohol counseling to all judges and attorneys with drug and alcohol dependence problems. The thing that struck me was that it was these very judges who were sitting in judgment over those with drug and alcohol problems.

Are these judges recusing themselves from these cases before them because they too have such a problem? Hardly. The very nature of drug and alcohol dependence is to deny that there is a problem. People brought before these judges are being offered not free counseling, but mandatory fines and jail sentences.

Those familiar with Scripture are acquainted with the words, "My brethren, be not many [judges], knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation." James 3:1, and "For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged." Matt. 7:2. If we are going to be judges of other men, it behooves us to be bound by the same standard we impose upon others.

Now none of us like receiving parking tickets, or being pulled over by a cop and issued a traffic ticket. The question presented in the newspaper below is, are these judges being justly dealt with on traffic fines, or are they above the law when it comes to being pulled over?

As those reading my words should know, I am the author of the JAIL4Judges Initiative which is sought to become part of various State's Constitutions. Should JAIL4Judge become law, the judges within such State will have to challenge the constitutionality of being put on trial for victimless "crimes." Failure to do so could result in judges being removed from the bench permanently because of the Three Strikes provision within the judicial accountability measure.

To save their judicial careers, judges very likely will have to challenge traffic charges themselves based upon denials of jury trials pursuant to Art. III, Sec. 2, Clause 3, U.S. Constitution, "The trial of all crimes, except for impeachment, shall be by jury." These victimless "crimes" will simply have to go because the judges themselves will find themselves facing the loss of their judicial careers over three traffic revenue raising objectives.

Ron Branson
P.O. Box 207
North Hollywood, CA. 91603

Judicial license-plate parking, traffic ticket abuse not a problem: state commission report 

But one panel-member calls report ‘an exercise in evasion.’

A state commission looking at whether judicial license plates help judges dodge parking and traffic tickets declared Wednesday there was no problem.

But one of the panel’s own members slammed the report as “an exercise in evasion.”

“The failure of our report to confront the issue head on ... betrays a pragmatic queasiness with the possibility of withdrawing an established, longstanding perk for the judiciary," wrote veteran attorney Richard Emery, a member of the Commission on Judicial Conduct. "Public confidence will further erode if we exempt our judges from equal application of the law — no matter how minor."

The commission started probing the issue in August after an upstate judge — who served in the Office of Court Administration advising judges on ethics — helped fix a ticket for herself and for the wife of another judge.

At the time, the commission declared the possible abuse of judicial license plates to dodge parking and traffic tickets was potentially pervasive.

The commission also noted it had "repeatedly" looked at cases where judicial plates inspired cops to deep-six parking and traffic violations for judges.

But Wednesday's 14-page report said such plates were not a problem.

State records show 2,265 state, local and federal judges use the specially marked plates on their private vehicles.

The 10-member commission issued a finding that declared judicial plates "do not create an appearance of impropriety."

Four commission members are judges, two of whom have judicial plates.

The toughest recommendation in the report was to order the Office of Court Administration to put the issue on the agenda of training programs for judges.

Even the report itself made clear the commission keeps running into this issue: "Over the years in the course of investigating other complaints of ticket-fixing, the Commission has been advised by law enforcement officers in various parts of the state that at times they have declined to issue tickets to motorists whom they stopped for speeding, once they realized by virtue of license plates that the drivers were judges."

Emery blasted the findings, citing numerous cases of judges fixing or trying to fix tickets, and even of one judge being driven home by cops to avoid drunk-driving charges instead of being arrested.

"Though judges are unequivocally prohibited from using their judicial status to obtain special treatment for themselves, their families or friends, they are legislatively authorized to flaunt their judicial status on their personal vehicles wherever they go," he wrote. "This schizophrenic message inevitably leads to bizarre scenarios involving special treatment being afforded and accepted by judges."


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