Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Victims of Court Corruption] Fraud in Sacramento Family Court with Judge Jaime Roman and judge Sharon Lueres

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Hello, Troy. I have read your report, and the first thing that strikes me is that your attorney must have been on the take. How in the world could he allow a judge on the case that is personal friends with your estranged wife. This is totally baffling. I will post your email on the JAIL-Legal-Discussions Group for those who wish to comment thereon. Fraud in the Family Courts is not only common, but reasonably can be expected. Show me an honest judge!

Ron Branson

On 6/18/2013 3:17 PM, Sierra Knox wrote:
  My name is Troy Aguero and I am involved in a child custody case that has now become a move away to Finland case. I have been informed that the move will be granted on thursday, even though there is no good reason. I am a good , responsible father with a good job and a stable life. I asked for more time and she countered with a move away.    I believe there is a conflict of interests because boys mother is friends with Judge Sharon Lueres. She went to massage school with her. Currently cuts her hair and attended Sharon's swearing in ceremony.  The judge is the corrupt Jaime Roman and her lawyer is pro tem Mark Grotewohl. I am aware are the  accused preferential treatment to these lawyers.    There is no history of abuse or drug use on my side,of course it's alleged, but the only person with a dirty drug test is the mother. She tested positive for pot on her first pregnancy test at planned parenthood in Roseville. She was verbally and physically abusive to me which is why I left. I was always threatened that if i ever left she would take the boys and go to finland and I would never see them again. I have over 6 witnesses to different occasions of this. Also witnesses of her throwing ashtrays, hitting me with brooms and frying pans etc. but no police reports.  This will become an international kidnapping case if I can't find any help.    My twins will be 6 in August. They want more time with me not less they have told me . Yet the mediator( Colin Dowd) talked to them for 4 minutes and claims they said the opposite. The report is full of contradictions and yet supports the move.  My one son told his mom last summer that he wants to live with me to which she responded" over my dead body".  They have a half brother who is 8 months old that they absolutely love  and do want to move away from. I have a lot of family here and her family is one of the reasons she sites for moving. She is not a citizen of Finland , her mother is.     I had hired Robert Samuel to help. He charged me $6000, misread the mediators report and told me it wasn't in support of the move and never interviewed me or filed any responses to her false accusations of abuse and of being late to every pickup. I have 2 witnesses to verify my punctuality everytime.      I spoke with another attorney who said this was done the second it was filed because of who the players are. They couldn't represent me because they are too busy suing the judge in court in SF.   I'm looking for any help I can find but I've exhausted my funds due to my last attorney, having to pay a chunk of her attorney's fees( Judge Roman awarded that in October) and giving her 57% of my income .    I am still married to the mother because no one will move the divorce along. We both filed, but hers was a few days earlier .  I don't understand the hold up. This is our 7th or 8th time in court and no one wants to address it.     I could go on and on but I'm sure there's enough here to help decide if there's anything anyone can help with.      Thank you for your time   Troy Aguero  Sent from my iPhone  


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