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[Victims of Court Corruption] Worshiping at The Feet of Public Officials

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Worshiping at The Feet of Public Officials

On 6/7/2013 2:53 PM, Norma Stewart wrote:
I really need help with my daughter's case! I and my daughter, Gennica, were like you when we first started to court. We always thought the judge and attorneys and the D.A. would see the truth. The more we went for a simple bail hearing, the more our eyes were opening to the fact that it's just an illusion, & they do what ever they want. I want to be involved with changing the laws. I see everything is connected to them the state, judges courts, lawyers, cops and jails. The Alaska State Bar is an Corporation for all. So, really no help there for her. You only have days to change judges? That's crazy with post ponement's and you don't know that soon, until serval hearings later that could be months down the road. This is so crazy that it sickens me and my poor daughter being railroaded by the system! Help please. My number is 907-617-0036. Thank You, Norma Stewart @      

Dear Norma:

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. You speak of how corrupt the Alaska State Bar is. I therefore presume that you are in Alaska. Of course, it wouldn't matter where you are as it is all the same within every Bar Association throughout the nation. What we have here is a nationwide tyranny against the People of America. We are only given an illusion that we have some sort of redress, but within every case, it all ends the same. Your predicament is typical. I liken it unto getting on a political merry-go-round that takes us around and around and around until we begin to gain the knowledge that we are being given the royal round around. It happens every time, yet we think that our remedy is somehow by just taking just one more run around at appealing to some office or some elected official.

If our answer is not appealing to any office of government, or any elected official, then where do we appeal? Ah, yes, we think Congress it the place of last resort. But a remedy will never come from Congress. There is a saying, "No man's life, liberty, or property is safe so long as Congress is in session!" How true.

Now this is where my problem faces me. Yes, I do know what the answer and the solution is, and it is not in any forum of government. It is in the People's Grand Jury, but I cannot get this through the People's heads. I wrote the JAIL4judges provision in April of 1995, but the People just do not understand what Ron Branson is talking about.

This is evident every election cycle. Everyone believes that if we can just get the right person, or persons, elected to office, our woes will be over. But this is all just the merry-go-round, and nothing will change until the People wake up and listen to what Ron Branson is saying to them, and realize they are being led along by a carrot on a string.

So, Norma, while I do know that I have the solution, how is it that I can help you in a illusionary world that understand not what I am saying? You say "I want to be involved with changing the laws." That is noble of you! So I need to discuss with you how you and I can get the attention of a willingly ignorant public who worship at the feet of their most favorite elected official.

Ron Branson



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