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[Victims of Court Corruption] The Internet Becoming Less And Less Secure

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Competition Booming As Nations Compete
Your Private & Confidential Information

Consider the implications of the nations of the world gaining access to your computer and all your private information to use for their own benefit! This is where the computer world is headed, and accordingly to the article below, “I think it is fair to say that no one anticipated where this was going,” said one person who was involved in the early American and Israeli strategy. “And today, no one is sure where it is going to end up.”  Imagine waking up and finding government in bed with you, and discovering that you had been raped. 

Ron Branson
National JAIL4Judges Commander-In-Chief

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Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code

On the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, two Italian hackers have been searching for bugs ... that governments pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn about and exploit. ....

Ryan Enn Hughes for The New York Times

.... Such ventures are booming worldwide..... big buyers of services like theirs include the National Security Agency ....

“Governments are starting to say, ‘In order to best protect my country, I need to find vulnerabilities in other countries,’ ” said Howard Schmidt, a former White House cybersecurity coordinator. “The problem is that we all fundamentally become less secure.”

Now, the market for information about computer vulnerabilities has turned into a gold rush. Disclosures by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. consultant who leaked classified documents, made it clear that the United States is among the buyers of programming flaws. ....


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