Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Mark Felt Ode: On the Savior of Our Nation
by Frederick Alexander Jones


This lyric poem is intended to introduce American and German citizens to the greatest of all cops, a single person who did know of the retaliation that would certainly occur for his efforts to save his country from the most treasonous plans to destroy its democracy. Indeed, he was later arrested, convicted, and dishonored for these efforts alone. We must go beyond the subsequent pardon, as secret agents routinely take no credit for there sacrifices. Accordingly, I will publish compelling facts and documentation in a website. It will occur in March 2007. I will inform everyone on this blog. Please, look for it. Moreover, please, also. look for information that will allow to me any desperately needed contributions. I am uniquely qualified to tell such a story.

Titles are hidden
Truth is forbidden

Done by secret knaves:
Serfs have changed to slaves

Oh! worker-by-day
And druggy-by-night

For whom do you slave ?
For whom do you fight ?

Mark Felt

Honor at trial
Is stolen by guile,

Thug judges who lynch,
An amoral bench,

And lawyers who hide
The innocent side

A fraudulent court
May never support

The innocent cop
Who rose to the top

By being for real
With facts that reveal

Scandals that will cost
A very great loss

To a selfless cop
At the moral top

Who put country first
To disclose the worst

Who saved his nation
From machination

For vengeance in store
Like never before

False records were filed,
A nation beguiled,

He's despised and poor,
At media's door.

Oh! Let him come in.
He's one without sin.

by Frederick Alexander Jones


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