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[Victims of Court Corruption] Judges Are Adjudicating Things According To Law!

Re: U.S. Supreme Court Brief: Is Fraud a Way of Life in Our American

Posted by: "Corey Eib"   coreyeib

Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:26 pm (PDT)

Recently I have come to have
a new respect for the judicial branch.

"In my experience they are adjudicating things according to law."


I used to be just as confused, until I came to realize a couple of facts;

Things changed a lot after the south walked out at the beginning of the
civil war.

The birth certificate (actual copy with the wet ink signature) is property
of the government.

The Constitution does not apply in the ten square miles of DC.

Common law is the Supreme Law of the land.

With my new view, it becomes clear the question I asked is possible, so to
answer your question of where are we? When things get strange we are in the federal zone, legally speaking.

Learning where you are, both legally and physically is incredibly important
to any success, recently I have come to have a new respect for the judicial branch. In my experience they are adjudicating things according to law, unfortunately people are not clear as to how the federal zone works.

For example, look up California Commercial Code 9307 (h), with in mind that every leo is limited to the jurisdiction of the United States.

We are of like mind, however I think you might do well to learn why the
above citation is so important.

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    Dear Corey:

    You ask a speculative question, "What if it was constitutional     to convict anyone for anything without them being in court our     even notified?" I am not sure I understand your question,             seeing as there is no way such action can be Constitutional.         The question presented within my litigation is, "Where are we,     if the laws and the rules governing our Country do not apply?"     We cannot even play baseball, or football without application     of established and agreed upon rules.

    I once illustrated this with a fictitious game of Tennis. Upon         being served the tennis ball, the opposing player quickly drops     the tennis racket and grabs a baseball bat and hits the Tennis         ball outside the stadium, and the Empire jumps to his feet,             announcing, "We have a touchdown, ladies and gentlemen!" as     all the People shout for joy and the scorekeeper adds
    another home run to the scoreboard. This correctly portrays         our illustrious honorable judges in America.

    Ron Branson


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