Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Latest Email From Irwin Schiff

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Latest email from Irwin Schiff From: Angela Stark



Latest email from Irwin Schiff

Posted by: "Angela Stark"   angelastark

Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:44 am (PDT)

Angela, you may or may not have known that about ten or 15 years ago, I had complete loss of sight on my right eye and I had glaucoma in my left eye, however, for some reason the glaucoma flared up and substantially reduced the vision of my left eye, I then had about two months ago, I had an operation to correct the problem in my left eye, the operation could not repair the deterioration that had occurred but it was designed to prevent any further deterioration. As of now my vision is substantially impaired, however, I can get around and I can live with that, however, I cannot actually read, as a matter of fact this email is being typed by a friend of mine who is typing all of my emails. I assume that in a month or so I will get glasses that will allow me to read.

I hope you are directing the people to my web-site so they can read the memorandum in connection with my habeas corpus. Judge Dawson did not do anything for 5 months, but my lawyer told him he was filing the Mandamus, and told the US attorney to respond by May 15th.

I understand that on a site connected to Ron Paul, some people were organizing a movement "Free Irwin Schiff" also Kurt Anaheim will be posting a disc of my trial transcript on my web-site, which people can down load, which will allow them to see the injustices involved in my prosecution. (Irwin’s web site )

I hope you and Joey are ok, also give this info to Peymon at Freedom Law School. So long for now,



Irwin Schiff #08537-014

FCI Terre Haute,

PO Box 33,

Terre Haute IN 47808

web site: www.paynoincometax.


Release date: 10-07-2016


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