Thursday, August 23, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] The Tide Is Going Out On the Collapsing, Corrupt US Government

The Tide Is Going Out On the Collapsing, Corrupt US Government

When the tide goes out, it reveals a lot of ugliness that was hidden under water. In times of prosperity (or apparent prosperity), weakness, duplicity, and corruption is hidden from view or is deliberately overlooked. Few want to point out the fallacies - after all, everyone is doing so well and having such a good time. Why argue with success, even if it comes with a bit of corruption? Surely the success is worth a bit of corruption.

The apparent prosperity is gone and increasingly viewed as a fraud that would do Charles Ponzi proud. It was ( and still is) centered in our financial system and encouraged by the political class. Nests were feathered while the public was looted.

Each ebbing of the tide brings more corruption to the surface. Covering up the fraud becomes more difficult as government's ability to throw money at the problems decreases. Our banking system still pretends to be solvent, although that too will be shown to be hollow at a later stage in the crisis. 

The most recent debate is the scandal involving our government sponsored Fannie and Freddie. Add another $6 Trillion of liabilities to the tab of our government, but that is government obfuscation. Taxpayer, you have been raped again.

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If you want justice, go to a brothel. However, if you want to get screwed, go to court!


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