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[Victims of Court Corruption] Ron Branson, Please Explain Your Contradiction, and Do So With Gusto!

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Mr. Branson,

On your website, following this link, you state the following:

"The newspapers and  television and media won't help you. They hear stories like yours all the time. The USA media are afraid to help you, afraid of revenge if they expose judicial corruption."

If that is the case, how do you explain this news article... one that you yourself brought to my attention!

Please explain this contradiction, and please do so with gusto.

David Stebbins

Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2013 04:21:24 -0800
From: VictoryUSA@JAIL4Judges.org
To: stebbinsd@yahoo.com
CC: VictoryUSA@JAIL4Judges.org; l.sachs@journalist.com
Subject: News media coverage

David Stebbins
, I am not sure I understand your point. You appear to be pointing out a contradiction in my position. This, of course, is a welcome criticism.

However, offhandedly, it appears that your dispute is with Dr. Les Sachs journalism article describing the corruption of the courts. Allow me to state that I do endorse the work of Les Sachs, and his faithfulness to his convictions. But the fact must remain, it should be Dr. Sachs who should respond to your criticism of his work which I merely forwarded.

Now I have to say this, by seeking to undermine Dr. Sachs exposure of the corrupt judicial system, I take it that you wish to assert your defense of the corrupt judicial system. I have previously made a note appended to your file from previous communications with you that I suspect you to be a Member of the Bar Association. Perhaps you can confirm or deny this fact for me so that I may reflect the true facts relating to you whether you are a Bar Member.

I will forward you criticism of Dr. Sachs work to him for his response. Likewise, I shall be interested in your response to his defense of his journalism work. Thank you very much, David, and God bless.

Ron Branson

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Major news media doesn't cover real US court corruption
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2013 17:24:45 -0500
From: Dr Les Sachs <l.sachs@journalist.com>
To: David Stebbins <stebbinsd@yahoo.com>
CC: Ron Branson <VictoryUSA@JAIL4Judges.org>

Dear Mr Stebbins,    (With thanks to Rev. Ron Branson for his kind words)    There is still essentially zero major media coverage of US court corruption as it   truly exists, as thousands of victims have expressed it and also indeed proven it,   in their thousands of heart-rending messages, often with documents, that have   been received by myself, by Ron Branson, and others who have spent significant   time as communicators in this field.    Yes, you do find articles in the mainstream media that do sometimes needle the   judges about various 'unwise' and silly verdicts ... and you find an occasional   article about a very few, especially local judges, who have been so criminally   foolish that they stepped on the wrong toes, and did actually get sanctioned,   censured, and removed from office because the judges were not playing the game   in the manner expected.    Those few local, crazy, 'bad apple' judges, are cited as part of the judicial   corruption game - slapping one or two truly crazy local judges who were not   'insiders', adds to the fiction and lies that 'the system is working', while the   bigger crimes of most judges go un-challenged.    But what you do not find, is accurate major media coverage of the true horror of   legal corruption cases, as Ron Branson and I have both seen it and lived it, both   personally and in empathy with thousands of victims whose files have been given   to us.    These cases often have full 'smoking gun' proof of misconduct, such as illegal   jailings, extortion, perjury, massive fraud, well-connected lawyers in open   criminality, with innocent people murdered; while a few dozen heroic ex-lawyers   all across America who tried to fight legal corruption, were disbarred and silenced   and even jailed for daring to try and do something. Instant 'contempt of court' for   daring to show evidence of judge-related crime.    The media did not help those disbarred lawyers, and it did not help most of the   many tens of thousands of victims who begged for media assistance.    Thousands of victims have shown their documentary proof of crimes to media   staff and reporters, and never get a return call or are even told to stop bothering   the media company. If the media company covers the story at all, it does it in such   a way to obscure the crimes, to trivialise the victims, or even slander the victims   with outright lies, and to continue the fiction that there is still some legitimacy in   US courts, US courts that stopped being legitimate a long time ago.    Like every other corporation in America, major media companies need the favor   of bribed American judges, and American media companies are owned by   America's wealthy families who use the bribed judges as their tool to carry out   their crimes and ravage the American people.    The court filings, the judicial misconduct filings, the many proofs of crimes   involving US judges and corrupt lawyers who are in bribery with those judges,   are 99% not covered by major media in any way at all.    And those of us who have been able to empower some media influence on this   key topic, face continued slander, attacks, threats, and having our web sites shut   down and erased from web search engines, just because our voices became   prominent in making clear the nature of the crimes, and we because we had the   potential to make clear to the general public how bad the US courts have become.    Victims of judicial corruption and their families are in the millions. Millions of   victims feel the frustration and helplessness as they slowly learned how bad the   system really is, and that no 'conventional' method works against it.    And some of the worst pain the victims feel, is from the fact that, to their   almost-universal surprise, no media will publish their well-evidenced story,   even though any one of tens of thousands of stories is worthy of being a centre-piece   of national news and a special show on Oprah.    Because of the media censorship and hiding of the truth, and slandering of victims,   much of the rest of America, is still unaware ... if they do hear a story or read one   on the internet, they feel firstly it can't be true 'or otherwise it would be on CNN',   and next they feel that it is true, it is dangerous to try to help the victim to fight the   system. So they run away.    Thanks to the grace of God, I was able to escape alive over the American border   from those who were seeking to kill me. God saved me for the work of becoming   one of those voices, labourers in the vineyard like the brave Rev. Ron Branson.    Please note, too, that before I was attacked I myself was 'major media', with both   a publishing company of my own, and best-selling books published by America's   largest publishing companies. But one day there were policemen at my door with   legal papers, and minutes later a US federal judge was on the telephone telling me   my freedom of speech and freedom of the press was being instantly banned, and I   would be immediately jailed if I dared to respond to the media hoax campaign   already started against me.    Even after escaping from the US, from the extortionists and murderers who have   helped kill others, and escaping with many proof documents of criminal acts   involving a federal judge ... my former life as a major media personality who had   been regularly contacted for interviews, was of no use whatsoever in getting   media coverage.    Once I became a 'target', I was instantly black-listed by major media, as happens   to anyone who tries to tell the truth in major media on this topic. Indeed, my own   former major media companies took a lead in spreading lies about me.    And all this despite the fact that I have seven degrees from three universities, the   first two at Harvard University, where my 1970s Harvard classmates right along   with me include:    Obama advisor, Harvard Law professor and US regulation czar Cass Sunstein  Bush advisor and former US Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff  US Chief of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke  Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Roberts    In fact I (unintentionally) helped put US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts   into his job. When the new Chief Justice was being appointed by Bush, I published   an article on the corruption of the leading candidate at that time, US Appeals Judge   Harvie Wilkerson, and to avoid scandal, Bush then picked my Harvard classmate   Roberts instead.    With all that, and total proofs of criminal acts involving judges (as thousands of   other victims also have) ... the 'major media' coverage I have received, is only   when various media outlets were bribed to print attacks, libels and smears against   me.    Some of those attacks have been withdrawn as legal actions in Europe are (at last)   getting underway regarding the American crimes against me. The media lies about   me on the internet used to be a lot worse, but media companies are getting afraid   now of legal actions in Europe.    And if someone like me, who was a well-known major media book author, until   I became a target, if someone like me who can talk about personal student days   with current top leaders of the United States, if someone like me cannot get major   media coverage, think of how little hope the average victim has of getting a honest   major media report on the crimes against them.    A few stories about judges making stupid declarations, is not 'media coverage   about legal corruption' ... that would only be the case, if major media was truly   conveying the reality that the USA at this moment, does not have an 'independent   judiciary', but instead has what the ancient Jewish rabbis called 'murderous   judges', judges whose malicious dishonesty and abuse of office leads to the   wrongful death of others.    There are occasionally a few major media voices that have gotten a bit close ... at   times the news commentator Judge Napolitano got close to saying the truth in a   general way about the corrupt US courts, but not quite yet the whole truth, and   without the concrete examples that are needed to really 'flesh out' and 'personalise'   the story for the public. And Judge Napolitano quickly found his media career   interrupted and sidelined.    American institutions, including judiciary and media both, are almost entirely   captured by America's key oligarch criminal families. The media corruption and   court corruption have gone hand-in-hand, and were necessary complements to the   other. Today,  that oligarch media complex has the Google and Wikipedia criminal   organisations as major tools of censorship and control, both being started with   funding from the US intelligence agencies, and Wiki still being run as an   intelligence agency project.    God willing, I will soon have a victory here in Europe against the US media and   regime, with some European media as a result of legal actions here, to help throw   a bigger spotlight on the criminal cesspool that the American courts have become.    God bless the great Ron Branson and all those who labour with him in this struggle   against the evil ones.    Les Sachs    --    Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs - Political refugee from US in Europe -   Writer on US legal and media corruption - target of US threats of assassination,   and of hate crimes of defamation.    My journalism sites are blocked on the US-based internet search engines,   especially by criminal Google Inc - while hoaxes and lies are planted about me   on the web and on Wikimedia, by writers taking bribes, and by companies   seeking to profit from silencing or murdering me.    You can see online a live photo of 'Google Internet Censorship -   Censure d'Internet' showing continuous ongoing suppression of my journalism sites.    My work includes, 'Americans Murdering Their Judges', 'America's Corrupt   Legal System', 'Foreign Companies Face US Court Corruption: Doing   Business in the Big Bribery Nation', 'FAQ on US Judicial and Legal   Corruption', and reporting on how US intelligence agencies spread hoaxes   on Google and Wikimedia.    Legal actions underway in Europe regarding the crimes to suppress me and my work   - Google Inc facing sanctions for its crimes of censorship, its violations of the   human rights of dissidents against the USA      

    David, the news article that you refer to is the "exception that proves   the rule" which is inferable from your reference to the exception.  The   evidence is that immunity from the law, that is immunity from the law   created by the courts for themselves and all of government, like   "sovereign immunity" and all of its "official immunity" applications, is   the pervasive THING that creates impunity to the law by government   especially its courts that created and sustain official immunity.      Any   problem following that David?   Now that you are this far, "official   impunity to the law" is the THING that we come to know as "official   corruption of the law", and it is so pervasive that a "news" article   here and there about it is the THING that proves, not it existence, but   that it is so pervasive that generally it is not even newsworthy.  Any   news media that actually presented all of the government corruption that   its reporters could dig up become by definition anti government, anti   establishment and anti judicial review which means anti "anti the   corrupt powers that be" of because such media exposes thee corruption of   those corrupt powers with the result that of subjecting those powers   that be to scorn.  In return they are attacked and demeaned by the   popular media because the popular media seeks official praise and favor,   as in "access to official news releases" that they don't have to search   for and fret out through the talent of real "investigative reporting"   which, as you know, is a highly competitive business requiring getting   into the inside circles of government.  So, why work for getting on the   inside when if you are good, government will give you the inside track   for free, just so long as you make them, the powers that be, look good,   and that is generally what is meant by the "selling out of the press".      So,   for instance, why did you attack Ron?  Well, because you didn't want to   do the work of fretting what is a clear as a bell to anyone who has   examined the issue, AND because somehow it is in what you perceive as   your interests to be critical of his position in exposing corruption.      Without   knowing, I think that is why he labeled' you a "lawyer"; because he   sees that your interest are in protecting the establishment, the   judicial establishment, from criticism, and that interest is the   "conflict of interest" that explains how you can intellectually ignore   the principle of "exceptions that prove the rule".    So now, you   can take the intellectual reputation that you have earned back before a   good ol boy judge as evidence that you, without immunity, are one of   them, hoping to gain the corrupt favor that partakes of judicial and   extended official corruption.   After all, corrupt officials would have   no favors to hand out but for people like you who have their own hands   out seeking those favors.    For your benefit and to explain your   confusion, I should like to quote Ron from a conversation we had back in   1993.   I observed that judicial corruption would not work if all   judges were corrupt all of the time.  In that kind of case judicial   corruption would become so obvious that there would no longer be willing   victims to fleece.  So I stated my observation that it is not true that   all judges are corrupt all of the time.    From which he replied,   "What difference does it make whether they are corrupt all of the time   or just when it suits them?  What good is a corrupt judge anyway?"    So,   let me put the question to you: "What good is a corrupt judge who is   only corrupt when it is in his interests to be corrupt?"   Extend that   to the judiciary as a whole.   What good is a judicial system that is   corrupt only when it is in the interests of the judges, individually or   collectively, to be corrupt.       The judicial creation of official   Immunity, including the judicial immunity that causes judicial impunity   which JAIL is calculated to remove, is an instance of the interests of   the judiciary to be corrupt as a whole.   There is hot a judge sitting   that does not know that.  It is an instance of the absoluteness of power   corrupting absolutely as that maxim of jurisprudence applies to the   entire judicial system.    From which I quote Wm. Kuntsler:  "They, the judges, they are all corrupt; you   DO KNOW THAT, don't you?"    Wolfgram  johnwolfgram@hotmail.com       


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