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[Victims of Court Corruption] Why The Armed Citizen In America?

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           I am not a member of the Ku Klux Klan. I am not a member of a drug gang. I am not a member of a neo Nazi group. I am not insane and I am not a felon. BUT I am a gun owner and I am going to tell you why I own several of the guns that I "keep and bear."

          What I am going to say is not going to make you comfortable. But then, much of the power our government has does not make me comfortable either. It isn't my hand that hovers over "the button." It isn't me who controls the vast armies of police and soldiers in this land. It isn't my order that can send droves of rocket armed helicopters and drones towards any target outside or inside this country. It isn't my hand that can end all life on earth!

          Let me be blunt. The time for "pussy footing" around this subject has long passed. I own a semi-automatic rifle so that I may SHOOT AND KILL  a tyrannical police officer, a brainwashed soldier, a corrupt judge, or a treasonous politician... IF that horrible and sickening necessity ever arises in my life here in the United States of America. Don't distort my intent. And don't necessarily take it personally. I believe you will respect and cherish the Constitution...After all, you swore an oath to me and all Americans that you would. I'll take your word. But you must DEMONSTRATE your loyalty to that oath!

          This Declaration should not be construed or meant to be an Act of Sedition. Check the meaning of Sedition: Black's Law Dictionary, 5th, 6th and 7th edition. We the People have a duty to forcibly challenge any group of people that denies our Constitutional Rights. When the Courts refuse to honor the "oath", what is the alternative? The answer is "Preventive Resistance". When I have been stalked and or visited by the Government and I feel they are about to deny, restrict or confiscate any of my property un Constitutionally, this is not Sedition. It is protecting my Freedom and our Republic.

          I wish I could send the following single message to every politician, police officer, judge and soldier in this country, but I can't afford it: "Obey the Constitution of the United States of America and I won't shoot you."

          It sounds like something some American back in 1795 might have uttered doesn't it? I wonder how many tens of millions of American citizens might agree with these sentiments right now, today? Believe me when I tell  you that the recent unConstitutional activities of our law makers are drawing a line in the sand!

          Our right to keep and bear arms is our last, desperate "check and balance." Yes, guns are for KILLING PEOPLE if the need arises. Why do we pretend otherwise?

P.S.    All my weapons and ammo are well secured in a place known only by me.

Don Bird,
U.S.M.C., Korea,


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