Friday, March 01, 2013

[Victims of Court Corruption] I Need Guidance In Defending This Case

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I Need Guidance In Defending This Case
Marlena Fearing

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I could use some information or guidance in defending this Case. ... JP Morgan aided and abetted the theft of almost 1/2 million dollars in charitable funds earmarked for our Veterans.

They allowed an imposter to remove the money without any evidence to show that they were legitimate signors.  After all the money is stolen, with the exception of $14,000, they filed an Interpleader in LA Superior Court claiming they didn't know who the rightful officers were.  There is no doubt they knew because they aided the thief by transferring the account to a remote Chase Bank location in Wisconsin. 

The court is being used to sanitize this crime.  Our documents, which are verified or under oath, are being rejected, while documents supplied by Chase Bank are fraudulent and perjured, yet they are being accepted.  This is complete madness.

Marlena Fearing


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