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[Victims of Court Corruption] Corrupt Media, Corrupt Courts - Inseparable Partners of Evil

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Corrupt Media, Corrupt Courts,
Inseparable Partners of Evil

By Dr. Les Sachs

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Subject: Corrupt media, corrupt courts - inseparable partners of evil
Date: Thu, 09 May 2013 10:36:37 -0400
From: Dr Les Sachs <>
To: Richard Cordero <>
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Dear Dr. Cordero:

Just to add another word to my detailed response to your hopes for a media surge against court corruption, by the group of sadly highly intimidated 'investigative journalists'. Really, media corruption and court corruption in the USA, were both put in place simultaneously over the last few decades, by the American oligarch political millionaire families who have taken the corporatist-fascist control of the United States.

The US political families learned and copied this from Nazi Germany, the key role of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in making every other crime of Hitler possible. It is the core of how to subvert a republic or a democracy, you have to control and corrupt both the courts AND the media, together at the same time. And in the USA they have done both.

The American millionaire-billionaire families who own the corporations and courts and bribe the federal judges, are also the same families who own all the major media companies and news websites. Consolidation on both fronts became especially strong in the 1990s, when US courts became much more brutally and blatantly corrupt, media companies were allowed to consolidate into a few monopolies, and the US government started their massive projects to control what people read on the internet.

Above it all, they have two CIA-seeded US government internet sites, Google Inc. and Wikipedia, both intentionally spreading lies and censoring the truth about key topics, to deceive both citizens inside the USA and around the world. Goog and Wiki have become central internet tools of extortion, terrorism and murder of the innocent ... hiding the truth of what is going on in the US courts, as one of their primary missions.

And just as lawyers across America are intimidated and extorted, less they face the jailing, disbarment and destruction of Richard Fine and so many other disbarred lawyers, instantly ruined after speaking out to show evidence of corrupt judges ... The media journalists across America are intimidated the same way, less they face the fate of a writer like myself or murdered journalists like Gary Webb. They are allowed to criticise certain areas - like US foreign policy, war in Iraq etc. - but some subjects are absolutely taboo, like court corruption and bribed judges.

Media journalists in America, face the additional problem, that it is almost impossible for them to make a living 'solo' like a lawyer. They are dependent on big media companies, and in the US, this means media companies owned by the same families who own and bribe the judges, media companies who in any case need the favour of the judges so they don't get destroyed by the next lawsuit filed against them.

A reporter who tries to write about court corruption will be fired and blacklisted forever, if not jailed or killed. Any answer or solution, any revolution in America, cannot be dependent on either the corrupt judges, or the corrupt and censored media ... and remember that Google Inc. is totally prepared to censor and erase the truth, and publish lies at the top of search results, in order to destroy any dissident views that seem to be getting popular, and to help murder innocent people, which the Google Inc. legal department has already done.

To this day, I never have seen a better attempt at an answer for the US, than Jail4Judges, its attempt to restore an institution of accusation where common citizens themselves are in charge.

You have a worthy discussion point in that, as you suggest, any trials or full prosecution of corrupt judges, can be potentially hijacked by the bribed judges who are able to control and dismiss procedures against themselves and regarding their own crimes. But the Jail4Judges type of Independent Citizens' Grand Jury, continually hauling in the corrupt judges to accuse and charge them, would still have positive cleansing effect even if the charges were later detoured and dismissed and declared null by judges in the corrupt system acting for their friends.

Now I am gone from the USA for nearly a decade, since, thanks to God, I escaped over the border from those seeking to jail and murder me. So it is no longer for me to predict what will happen there. Some people who write to me say there is no answer possible in the US now other than revolution, perhaps after an economic collapse, when the US might fragment into a number of pieces.

Even if that is true, I think Jail4Judges might remain in history, as the best attempt at an institutional answer before America ended ... and Jail4Judges might well be incorporated into some of the new Republics that emerge once the current USA has imploded or been overthrown.

With best wishes for you,

Les -- Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs,
Political refugee from US in Europe

Writer on US legal and media corruption - target of US threats of assassination, and of hate crimes of defamation.
My journalism sites are blocked on the US-based internet search engines, especially by criminal Googl. Inc - while hoaxes and lies are planted about me on the web and on Wikimedia, by writers taking bribes, and by companies seeking to profit from silencing or murdering me.
You can see online a live photo of 'Google Internet Censorship - Censure d'Internet' showing continuous ongoing suppression of my journalism sites.
My work includes, 'Americans Murdering Their Judges', 'America's Corrupt Legal System', 'Foreign Companies Face US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation', 'FAQ on US Judicial and Legal Corruption', and reporting on how US intelligence agencies spread hoaxes on Goog and Wikimedia. Legal actions underway in Europe regarding the crimes to suppress me and my work - Google Inc facing sanctions for its crimes of censorship, its violations of the human rights of dissidents against the US.


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