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Law? Law?
What Is The Law?

By Ron Branson

National JAIL4Judges Commander-In-Chief

I just saw the news on CNN's bottom-line news strip that cops CAN now take your DNA if you are arrested for a felony, the U.S. Supreme Court says. "It's not a Fourth Amendment violation for unwarranted search or seizure.

Yep, NOT CONVICTED of a felony but merely arrested for an ALLEGED FELONY. Are you kidding me?

It is well known in California that cops regularly "over-charge" people with felonies because they (the courts/prosecutors) get funds from the state for the courts/district attorneys to prosecute felonies.

It is also well known that they dismiss the majority of felonies, after getting the money, and reduce the charges to misdemeanors. However now it won't matter because they will already have collected your DNA profile.

This is just another tool for the gov't to "create -a-crime" for you and possibly add your DNA profile to a crime scene guaranteeing a conviction if they want to take you "out" of their society for any reason. Not to mention your DNA profile will ALWAYS be checked against any other profile they upload into the system or every crime profile ever collected in the future. Hell they could even clone you and you'd never know, OMG!!!!

Tell me we do not already live in the New World Order Police State.

Simply unbelievable. It's almost time for the "fight-or-flight" mentality to be imposed.

Michael A.

Michael, the statistics are 75% of all felony arrests are dropped or reduced. This means that 3 out of every four arrests are overcharged. I have twice been arrested on felonies, and not once has any charges been presented to the District Attorney for a charging decision on the felony. I asked the L.A.P.D. in discovery, "Who made the decision not to proceed on the felony arrest?" The answer given was, "I did." In other words, the very same person who made the decision to make a felony arrest, also made the decision not to proceed on the felony arrest. This shows that there is no checks and balances on unlawful arrests. Yet, the statute makes clear that only the District Attorney is authorized to make prosecutorial charging decisions involving felonies. These people just do not have any respect for the law whatsoever. I have even been told by their defense attorneys during discovery, "Look, Mr. Branson, these police officers are not attorneys, they do not know the law!" It then stated, "Then what are they doing out there enforcing the law if they do not know what the law is they are enforcing?"

As I have found in my experience that law is not relevant. It does not matter what the law says. I have even had the attorneys for the California Highway Patrol argue in their defense, "It is their job specification to violate the law! He was only performing what he was instructed to do, therefore he is not accountable for his actions."
So we have law enforcement officers instructed that it is their official duty to violate the law! Therefore, we must conclude that should a law enforcement personnel insist on obeying the law, they could be fired from their job.

As to DNA, in the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail, they lined all of us up and stuck a needle in all of our arms and drew blood. The presumption is that all people must have a criminal record. I was asked, "Where is your criminal record? What prison did you come out of? We can't find any criminal record on you!" I told them, you've got the wrong person. I am not a criminal."



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