Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[Victims of Court Corruption] Ron, Why Not Offer a Freedom Seminar?

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National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief=0D=0A=

Arnie, when the patriots even begin to act to line up JAIL4Judges to be placed upon the ballot anywhere in the U.S., it will shake this entire nation to its roots, and the front line of the battle will become very apparent. We will have government politicians and corporations coming out of the woodwork big time to attack us the People for even speaking of taking such action. Until them, we may a well pull the covers over our heads, and check back in the morning to see if the People have awoke yet. Forget the entertainment, the bands, the pop stars, Farris Wheels, Merri-go-rounds, food, cold beer and the candy cotton, etc. I will even throw in descending upon Washington, D.C. in huge masses to gather in the mall to listen to magnificent speeches of very talented orators on how much we love our country!


On 7/16/2013 6:43 PM, Arnie wrote:
Create a public education event.  Create a new classic.  An annual event.

With entertainment and Banners, cleig lights, patriot stars,  Educational kiosks with short brief messages regarding specific Constitutional points. 

Food, beverages...


On Jul 16, 2013, at 6:16 PM, Ron Branson <VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org> wrote:

Arnie, I am not sure I understand your question. For years I have been going on radio programs, seminars, and have had VHS and DVDs made of my presentations, etc. In 1992 I co-founded the Granada Form along with Ralph Franklin, and we sponsored every kind of patriot in on every subject you can think of. Eventually, I decided to take on the judges, which was not being done by any of them with the possible exception of Irwin. I was the first out here with such an organization specifically taking on the judicial system.

Is a "Freedom seminar" to which you speak, something other than what I have done for years? I have been the first organization taking up judicial accountability and the first institution with a website thereon. Since I began doing this, many have followed my example after a manner. Now the internet is filled with organizations taking up the issue of exposing judges, and a number of fronts, including yourself, are now taking up the idea of working through Grand Juries. I started in 1981. Please explain. Thank you.


On 7/16/2013 5:27 PM, Arnie wrote:
Dear Mr. Branson,

Why not offer a freedom seminar to the benefit of Americans?



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