Thursday, March 15, 2007


The 1997 Decision of the United States Supreme Court to allow state courts to use unlimited funding for the post-conviction punishment of "sex offenders" is a treasonous fraud upon all Americans. Psychologists and doctors and lawyers and government bureaucrats, and other cronies and friends within the most powerful special interests groups were given desperately needed (and baneful) jobs at the expense of the most plainly fundamental rights of those who are poor and powerless , and often plainly innocent.

Indeed, the bill that Governor Spitzer did sign on Wednesday 14 March 2007 was unconscionably intended to be the model for the nation. It was the obvious result of the treasonous deprivation of rights that the United States Supreme Court did inflict in 1997. Nineteen other states came before New York, and very few of the victims (including the plainly innocent) get to home. The elitist liberals will not publish their "extraordinary rendition" within the once-empty floors of state insane assylums: It is a win for everyone except the poor motherless children who have now been placed in plainly greater danger than ever before; and except Americans and the public and the poor, helpless inmates who served all of their time.
May I respectfully ask you to disregard thousands of hours of television conditioning, with respect to the criminal justice systems within the United States. It is actually evidence of nothing. It may not even include one of your actual experiences. May I, therefore, ask you to consider my experiences within the United States criminal justice systems, with respect to this new type of "extraordinary rendition". Indeed, I was many different police officers and a New York City Correction Officer and a student of criminal justice for many years. I was always in the middle of corruption, and feared by even the average government employee.

The only focus should be upon the rights of the most helpless, innocent, beautiful, and dearest living beings on this earth: small children. The divisions of parole and the governments and the media, in Florida and New York and eighteen other states, decided not to make an issue of the fact that the actual residences of sexual preditors are seldom known to state parole officers (despite the fact that it is the most mandatory of the parole conditions). Indeed, such preditors usually have no other criminal history, and are often "friends" or family
to their victims.

However, the potential danger of such preditors had been extremely well known for many decades. Moreover, they had always been in the absolute and total custody of the state parole officers while they were on parole. The recent story of dear, dear, Jennifer Lunsford (of Florida) is a typical one. It must urge all Americans to demand actual help for so many other beautiful, little, poor, motherless children. Indeed, we must look to law enforcement. Parole officers must always do their duty, and must always receive all the planning and resources that may allow them to know where these people live and what they are doing. Special training and special units and special areas for residencies are plainly a minimum, even if it requires federal help. But, such requirements had never been actually mandatory. Instead, special interests groups of friends of legislators and judges and lawyers did make the most outrageous and treasonous deals in secret ( in order to serve themselves) . The Governors and the legislative leaders did hide the special interest groups, and announced done deals to the public. They won, and twenty states, and all americans lost.
Firstly, none of these preditors are even nearly insane nor mentally ill in any way. They all say that the dearest of all humans are the "easiest targets". They correctly perceived the state parole officers as having a cavalier regard for the rights of such beautiful, poor and helpless little girls.
They correctly perceived their parole supervisors as being self-serving and extremely arbitrary, and the only help that the dearest of all humans actually have. A thorough knowledge of such criminals should always be the job of patrolmen as well as many specially trained police units; integrity must be actually monitored there, as well as in the United States Supreme Court.

Please, therefore, help me purchase a computer and develope a website. I have thousands of extremely well organized notes that are the result of many decades of careful research. Let us raise the "hue and cry". These poor and beautiful little girls are our children!
See, the other posts for information on me and for donations. I do not have even a dime in donations, as of this time (Thursday 15 March 2007). The poor must help and respect the poor, even if it is only a start. The best way, I believe, is to send a dollar or two in an envelope: The mailing address is also posted. Thank you.


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