Thursday, September 13, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Judges Running a Private "for profit" Business

Judges Running a For Profit Business

"Judges" running a private "for Profit" business out of which they own called "Courthouse Corporation" which are posing as public property which are floating bonds and making them hundreds of millions of dollars at taxpayer's expense.

In my promotion under the First Amendment of cause JAIL4Judges in Van Nuys, CA. on "Courthouse Property," I was run off by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office because I was told that I was "trespassing on private property." The First Amendment distribution of material does not apply to private property.

One of the Sheriff's Deputies later told me that one of the judges noticed he had one of my printed materials in his pocket, and the judge aggressively approached him and snatched the material out of his pocket and strongly chided him for possessing such material. I noted that this Deputy was quite shaken because of this incident by this judge. The Deputy acted as though he was forbidden to talk with me even though I was standing outside the boundary of the private courthouse property distributing literature.

Ron Branson

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