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[Victims of Court Corruption] Father of Alternative Ultramodern Healing Arrested For Telling The Truth

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Subject: Re: Father of Alternative Ultramodern Healing Arrested For Telling The Truth
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In virtually every state, Medical boards and prosecutors are working together and targeting a variety of doctors and dentists for crimes they invented out of thin air. These boards and prosecutors  have no real oversight. The only person they need to answer to is an administrative law judge who works for them and rubber stamps whatever abuse they seek to administer.

They act like Nazi gestapos. They blacklist the doctors  they Target and bankrupt them. A lot of the doctors cannot even get legal help. They even have interstate competitions to see who has the best numbers (most prosecutions).

Their funding is tied to these numbers. The doctors don't get lawyers, they don't get due process, they have no right to confront their accusers, and they are presumed guilty. There is no jury trial, only an alj. The government has found a way to sidestep the constitution when they expanded "licensure" and created "adminstrative courts." These are the modern day star chambers. Advise your children not to be doctors.

Lawrence Agee

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Subject: Father of Alternative Ultramodern Healing Arrested For Telling The Truth
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Subject: Father of Alternative Ultramodern Healing Arrested For Telling The Truth About Diseases
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The Rights Of Alternative Healing Practitioners Threatened

Please spread the word NOW via email lists, social media, or any other means necessary,  as time is running out and Dr. Donald T.  Monus fears for his life for the way he was arrested and for what he knows ! Dr. Donald Monus is being arraigned in Pinellas County, Florida, September 10th, 2012 on the allegations for the "unlicensed practice of a health professional".

On August 8th , an undercover officer for the Largo Police Department posed as a client in need, so Dr. Monus gave him an educated opinion as to a suggested protocol, and was then arrested as a result.

Dr, Monus has the credentials and experience as an effective researcher, biochemical inventor, and as one most knowledgeable in the field of alternative ultramodern healing. In 1993, Dr, Monus was honored as Doctor by The Pediatic AIDS Foundation for writing research grant proposals to cure HIV. In 1998, Dr. Monus earned his degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy from the Southern College of Naturopathy. In 2004, Dr. Monus authored the revered and effective book, What's Killing You And What To Do About It.

From 1993 up until the arrest, Dr. Monus has been working as an alternative research oncologist.

The Largo Police are abusing RICO laws by taking Dr. Monus's car, microscope, computer, cash, other assets, and have frozen his bank account , all with zero evidence of racketeering. Since Dr. Monus has no assets, he cannot pay for legal fees, food, or bills. Correspondence of any kind can be directed to:

Dr. Donald Monus
604 7th St. SE
Largo, Florida 33771


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