Friday, August 31, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Grand Jury Used as Part of Government Corruption Scandal

Grand Jury Used as Part of Government
Corruption Scandal
Appended hereto is an amazing video of the torture Lieutenant Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, was put through for exposing a con game from local government all the way through to the President of the United States.

His testimony demonstrates precisely the reason we must have an Independent Special Grand Juries in order to recover from our downward decent in America. Lt. Cdr Fitzpatrick filed a complaint with his local country Grand Jury about internal corruption within government, only to learn that the Foreperson on the County Grand Jury had, in practice, a permanent position of 20 years of steering the Grand Jury as part and parcel of corruption of the judges and the prosecutors, and conducted a his own Citizen's Arrest of the Foreman of the County Grand Jury, for fraud.

Knowing this potential with Grand Juries aforehand, I wrote the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law in 1995 with paragraphs that would not allow such conflicts to occur. These paragraphs are as follow; 

3. Special Grand Juries. For the purpose of returning power to the People and ensuring the integrity of the judiciary, there are hereby created within this State three twenty-five member Special Grand Juries with statewide jurisdiction having inherent power to judge both law and fact. This body shall exist independent of statutes governing county Grand Juries....

4. Professional Counsel. Each Special Grand Jury shall have exclusive power to retain non-governmental advisors, special prosecutors, and investigators, as needed, who shall serve no longer than one year, and thereafter shall be ineligible to serve; except a special prosecutor may be retained to prosecute to conclusion ongoing cases through all appeals and any complaints to the Special Grand Jury....

5. Establishment of Special Grand Jury Facilities.
Within ninety days following the passage of this Amendment, the Legislature shall provide a suitable facility for each Special Grand Jury. Each facility shall be reasonably placed proportionately according to population throughout the State, but no facility shall be located within a mile of any judicial body. 14. Service of Jurors. Excluding the establishment of the initial Special Grand Juries, each Juror shall serve one year. No Juror shall serve more than once.

The below is the first in a series of videos over the next 2 or 3 weeks. Very interesting.

Ron Branson


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