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[Victims of Court Corruption] * * * The Economy Is Going To Implode * * *

By Ann Barnhardt
Speaking in Colorado Springs, Colorado
November 2, 2012

Ann Barnhardt was a commodities futures broker/trader specializing in cattle futures until her eyes were opened on the mega fraud in the entire system. She now exposes this fraud in all its glory in intimate detail, blow by blow. I have yet to see a more detailed explanation of the current monetary banking system which we are all dealing with. What she has to share with us affects absolutely everyone of us, and she calls upon all of us to take necessary appropriate preparation for what is about to happen financially, and very soon.

I am Ron Branson, author and founder of J.A.I.L. (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law), aka, I am a man called of God as a Watchman on the Wall. My spiritual gift in the Body of Christ is that of discernment of spirits as set forth in I John 4:1, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

In April of 1995 the Lord called upon me, and moved me to prepare an Initiative as an offered means of escape as did God call upon Noah for the world that then was. A year later, 1996, the Lord led me to present a prediction of what was to about come upon this nation, and a means to escape, stating that unless we took action to counter the bankers, we shall soon loose our jobs, our businesses, our homes, and all our assets, and we will wind up on the streets as homeless.

I have told people in my public speaking opportunities that everything you believe, or have been taught to believe, is based upon a lie. For my words, I have been mocked, put down, and made fun of. But I know Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day. II Tim. 1:12, as there is no other True Security.

Ann Barnhardt's presentation below is broken up into 8 segments of 20 minutes each. You need not watch all at once, but think of how many of us will go to the theaters and sit and watch a movie for two hours or more, and not regret giving up that time to see what it is we went to see. But here, you have the option of stopping, taking a break and coming back to resume the film. This will likely be the most astounding exposure of lies you are being fed to you as pablum is fed to a baby. She will start out simple to understand, and progress to the more complicated, but you will nonetheless hear terms of which are being shove at you from within the banking system you never gave thought as to what they mean, or how they affect you. I guarantee you a marvelous education on banking, which I shall term, "Sweet Lies, and Bitter Truth!"

Ron Branson

The Presentation (Given 11/2/2012)

The Workbook referenced in the videos may be downloaded here.


Part One Topics:
Systemic Counterparty Risk
Money is a Fungible Proxy for Your Very Humanity
All Currencies are Fiat
The Gold Standard is Not Necessary


Part Two Topics:
The Gold Standard is Not Necessary Continued
WE Are the Gold
The Morality and Economically Essential Nature of Interest
The Real Problem in Banking System: Unbacked Unsecured Lending
Bank Balance Sheet Exercise


Part Three Topics:
Sample Bank Balance Sheet Continued
The Lie of FDIC Deposit Insurance


Part Four Topics:
One Dollar of Capital Banking Paradigm
Denninger Axiom & Chart — Debt and GDP Change since 1980
The Debt Cycle — A Snake Eating Its Tail
Intelligent People Must Reassert Themselves as the Leaders of Society
The Rule of Law and Justice Must Be Reasserted


Part Five Topics:
Wealth Transfer: European Context
Wealth Transfer: U.S. Context
The Bribing Set-up of the Underclass by the Regime in Preparation for Mass Slaughter
Secession Dynamics
Credit Default Swaps


Part Six Topics:
Credit Default Swaps Continued
Repos and Reverse Repos
Why are These Exotic Products Being Traded So Widely?
Review of 90 Day T-Bill Rates 2007-2012


Part Seven Topics:
WHO is doing these exotic and risky derivatives?
Review of top banks’ assets versus derivatives exposure
High Frequency Trading Scope & Solution
U.S. Government Unfunded Liabilities
The destructive nature of non-catastrophic insurance
Lies from Politicians


Part Eight Topics:
More Lies From Lying Politicians
The Impossibility of Financial Planning Products and “Returns”
Why Inflating Debt Away is Impossible
The New Financial Objective: Holding Wealth Together and Minimizing LOSSES
There is Nowhere to Run
The Need to Position Into Physical Commodities
Quo Vadis? Where Are You Going?



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