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[Victims of Court Corruption] Restoring our rights through us "Dumb Asses"

Restoring Our Rights
Through Us "Dumb Asses"

Gene Swank
, even regular Grand Jurors do not try criminal cases. They only determine if there is Probable Cause for the defendant to go to trial. In the case of the Special Grand Jurors within J.A.I.L., they only determine if there is Probable Cause that the judge has willfully violated the law or the Constitution, then the judge may face either Criminal or civil charges, or both. There is not innocence or guilt with any Grand Jury, regular or Special.

Within the perview of JAIL4judges, defendants are only judges, no one other than judges! The SGJs do not deal with police cases, only with judges who cover for police. J.A.I.L. opens a whole new world that has heretofore been unknown by its process. It recovers the rights which we have lost through tyranny.

Ron Branson

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We definately need these Grand Juries, The average High school grad can figure out what is right and what is wrong. But a Jurer needs tknow the basics of the law. All jurers should know that they have the legal constitutional right to nullifie a law and find the defendent innocent if they think the law is wrong, that the Police were overzealous or the Prosecuter is trying to make a name for himself or an example of the defendent. Many many of our Police, Prosecutors and Judges operate outside the law. They rule on there own feelings, not what the law says. 3 times I have had Judges make rulings in complete violation of what the law says. I have had social workers and Police Detectives make totally false reports Luckily twice I had recorded what was said and proved to the Judge the person was lying. The other times I was unable to find an Attorney I could afford so I lost. We need to fix the legal system as soon as possible!!!!!!
    Gene Swank

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 20:54:22 -0800
From: VictoryUSA@JAIL4Judges.org
To: bob@bobhurt.com
CC: VictoryUSA@JAIL4Judges.org
Subject: Grand Juries Are Dumb Asses

Bob Hurt, you have the whole idea regarding the Special Grand Jury wrong. First, there are no prosecutors of the kind of which you are thinking, in regards to the Special Grand Jury. Second, the seats of Special Grand Jurors names are drawn by public lottery. If your name is drawn, no one can make you serve, nor forbid you from serving, unless you are one of the government entities that are precluded, such as being a member of the law enforcement, work within the judicial branch of government, or a member of the Bar Association. As to the Special Prosecutors chosen by the Special Grand Jurors, they cannot be a part of the government. They must be People such as you who are qualified to serve on the Special Grand Jury.

Thirdly, it is the wealthy and well connected individuals who have University degrees who are the lest likely to submit themselves to the constraint of the Constitution. The professors of colleges and universities are by in large largely Marxist, placed in those positions for the purpose of brainwashing graduates, knowing they are likely to be the future leaders of this country who hold Marxist philosophy. Right now if you go to law school, you will get only a single class of constitutional law, that is it. Do you really think that the lawyers who are graduates from these universities are going to be the saviors of society?

The issue is ethical People, and College graduates are not so inclined to ethical lifestyles. I was in the law library of La Vern University making copies when I witnessed a man from the school with his arm up inside of a copy machine jiggling a switch and nickles came dropping down. I asked the librarian if he was authorized to empty the copy machines. He asked me to describe what I witnessed, and then asked if I would be willing to testify of what I saw to the University Administration. I said "Yes." A hearing was set up and I was called in to testify. The man was there with one of the staff as his attorney. What I stated is what I saw, and stated that either he was authorized to drain the copiers of money, or he was stealing money from the school.

I got the man is trouble. Unknown to me was that he was the future son-in-law of one of their influential professor at the University. What did I get? I was ordered not to step foot in the University law library every again. The Scripture tells us what type of men to avoid. "Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?" James 2:6. It is better to trust an uneducated poor man with a low I.Q. when it comes to ethics, than to seek out someone seeking future judgeship or some other influential position.

Ron Branson

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No prosecutor would allow me to sit on a jury of any kind because I am not a dumbass. 

An ideal grand juror should have a university bachelor degree or equivalent, and should have passed basic courses in constitution of state and US, including federalist papers, and laws and court operation.  They should attest to having read and studied the constitutions, and should have to pass a competency test.

Requiring a university degree guarantees the juror prospect has at least 110 IQ.  It guarantees each juror has a decent education and ability to think analytically and rationally.  The constitution course and test guarantees that the juror understands the ideals of good American government.

Thus, the jury will have no dumbasses in it.


Bob Hurt

From: Ron Branson [mailto:VictoryUSA@JAIL4Judges.org]
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 2:51 AM
To: Bob Hurt
Cc: VictoryUSA@JAIL4Judges.org
Subject: Grand Juries Are Dumb Asses

Bob Hurt, if you are speaking of the County Grand Juries, then I would agree with you. However, the JAIL4Judges Initiative is not going to be creating County Grand Juries. County Grand Juries have jurisdiction over all matters, but as you say, "The Grand Jury is largely made up of dumb asses who don't have a clue."

This is precisely why it is paramount that we must create the People's Independent Special Grand Juries that only have jurisdiction over the judiciary. Since J.A.I.L. does not interfere with any existing legal processes, it leaves them to operate just as they exist. However, in order for the People to gain access to the Special Grand Juries, they must exhaust all the existing channels before they can gain access to the Special Grand Juries, including County Grand Juries. This is true criminally and it is true civilly. This way, J.A.I..L. cannot be justifiably accused of interfering with either the judicial system, nor with the prosecutor, or with the Grand Jury.

These Special Grand Jurors are you and me. If you wish to refer to yourself as a dumb ass that is you prerogative. But I would hope that you find yourself with a higher opinion of yourself. Perhaps if my name is drawn to serve on one of these Special Grand Juries, I am likely to be accused of having a conflict of interest and challenged to recuse myself. I can live with that, as I will consider myself as an ad hock "adviser" to all of the Special Grand Juries throughout the country, should they call upon me, if there be such a position. I find no provision that any Grand Jury may not consult with anyone they shall chose.

Ron Branson

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I fully believe the fourth branch which I have proposed SHOULD interfere with the misdeeds by indicting and prosecuting government criminals, including those in the courts.  The grand jury is largely made up of dumbasses who don’t have a clue, chosen for that reason.  State and US Attorneys interfere with their deliberations and tell them what to think, and even forge documents in their name.  The grand jury system is hopelessly broken and it does not have the disconnection from criminal infrastructure of government that it needs to function effectively for eliminating government crime.  THAT and the lack of penalties for loyalty oath violation explains WHY we have so much government crime.


Another reason for government crime is the combined lack of intelligence, responsibility, education, and ethics in the electorate.  Dumbasses elect criminals and intellectual thugs like Obama.


America and the states all need a fourth branch that


1.       Advises and informs the other branches about prudence and constitutionality of laws

2.      Advises and informs the people about prudence of laws and character and record of politicians, including judges and candidates for judgeships

3.      Indicts and prosecutes government crooks on behalf of the people



Bob Hurt


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