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[Victims of Court Corruption] Debt Without Consequences

Debt Without Consequences

What happens when society no longer considers that debt has any meaning? After all, debt is only figure with a number of zeros behind it. Right? Does it really matter whether American's owe a figure with fifteen zeros behind it, or twenty-one zeros? U.S. Treasurer Secretary Timothy Geithner thinks not. He said that Congress should just stop placing legal spending limits on the amount of money the government can borrow and lift all debt limits to infinity. Where this will lead is well explained on Below are a couple paragraphs explaining what will happen. Imagine blowing air into a balloon unto infinity.

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November 21, 2012
by Mike Adams

 The Day of Reckoning will arrive when the mass delusion of debt without consequence can no longer be sustained. Almost certainly, a war will have already been started in order to provide cover for the economic collapse. Because if there's one thing far worse than killing civilians in war, it's having voters find out Big Government cheated them out of their pensions, incomes and savings. Dropping a few bombs on some unlucky civilian population in a little-known nation somewhere is a surefire way to change the subject and blame somebody else for the problems created by runaway government spending.

As the consequences of infinite debt start to congeal, rest assured the government will try to save itself by confiscating nearly all wealth from the population. You can expect to see all the following taking place:

• Government confiscation of private pension funds and IRAs.
• Government confiscation of all precious metals (gold and silver).
• Huge increases in corporate and personal income taxes.
• Harsh new death taxes that effectively confiscate farms and ranches.
• Accelerated currency debasement that effectively "steals" the value of the dollars you've already earned.

This is the new era of not just "big government" but "MONSTER government!" It will now grow to the point where it suffocates freedom and liberty, enslaves the population and destroys everything of value in society: Wealth, morals, education, liberty and even rugged individualism.

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Without Constitutional constant through judicial accountability, America shall have no meaningful future. Everyone shall morn the consequences. This scenario was stated by this writer in 1996, and we are only beginning to see the consequences of our actions. There is headed our way an economic tsunami that shall boggle the mind beyond measure and may lead to heart attacks!

- Ron Branson


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