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[Victims of Court Corruption] What Is The Future For The GOP Party?

What Is The Future For The GOP Party?
By Ron Branson

I realize I am treading upon "Holy" ground here, but I feel inclined to take on the challenge. Coming across my desk, which consists of my computer screen, are the voices of many within the GOP Party as to what the future is for the Republican Party. The questions now asked is whether there should be designed a new Party consisting of the Old Republican Party, or and effort to reform the existing one. I wish to discuss matter.

As the author of JAIL4judges, I am known for coming up with unique suggestions and answers. Obviously, I am here bias regarding installing JAIL4Judges within our state's Constitutions across America in order to preserve the vision of freedom envisioned by our Founding Fathers. So here goes. I have long stated that elections serve as a distraction of the People from the real issue the enemies of America don't want discussed. I have made the illustration of the People at a football stadium, each cheering for their team. The game consists of the Reds vs. the Blues, and the bets are laid on the table as to which team is going to win.

Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, under the protection of the security guards, everyone's wheels are being removed from their cars while the fans inside cheer for their team. The guards serve as the "lookout" in case some fan comes out and finds what is happening, and discovers that everyone is being ripped off, whether Red Team or Blue Team.

In applying the above analogy, all the participants in the election, regardless of Party, are being stolen from. The Parties are pumping untold millions of bogus inflated fiat paper script, commonly referred to as "dollars," into supporting the upcoming election, but are not paying attention to what is really happening to this country, unless that is the intention!

Both the Red Team and the Blue Team acknowledge that there exists three Branches within our government, but both are only paying attention to two Branches; the Executive and the Legislative Branch, while the real destruction of America is being performed outside the arena, which is the Judiciary Branch. Far more destruction is being done by the Judicial Branch than by either of the two other Branches within the battle, collectively. Everyone's "wheels" are being removed from the real reason for government, the guarantee of the right to protect "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." So what is the advantage if the Reds or the Blues win, if the Right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" is lost?

I have been hammering away on this point, at least since the founding of JAIL4Judges in April of 1995. Prior to this most recent election, I made a prediction. And I was right. Therein I said that I did not know which Party was going to win, but I knew who was going to loose, and that was the People! The real issue was not on the ballot, and neither Party talked about the real issue, i.e., that of Judicial Accountability.

Now, just as I predicted, the People are liking their wounds, faced with rising unemployment, more taxes, more businesses going under, more home foreclosures, more rising prices, and more inflation, and a prolonged recession. It is said that the difference between a recession and a depression is, "a recession is when my neighbor loose his job. A depression is when I loose mine."

In my typical known satirical manner, I say, "Cheer up, it could be worse. So after we cheer up, it will be worse. Yes, much worse. Even now is there chatter in Congress about this nation slipping off the January 1st fiscal cliff. And even if we were to survive that, there is coming behind that an economic tsunami greater than ever imagined.

"Don't worry about the wheels being stolen off your car, or that your car is laying flat on the ground, or that you don't have a way home. Concentrate upon the wonderful game, even if your Political Team didn't win. Just make plans that in two years you can repeat your experience, and pump in millions more of those hyper-inflated worthless "dollars" trying to win next time."

I have stated that a measuring yard stick has 36 inches. It matters not whether the yardstick is Red or Blue, there still has 36 inches, unless someone is playing around with the definition of an "inch." But that is precisely what is happening! Someone is playing around with the definition of an "inch," and that someone is the judges of this country. Judges hold the key to "interpreting" what is the definition of an inch. Words have meanings. At least, they are supposed to. Theoretically the definition of an inch is defined in the American dictionary. But what a crazy world this would be were we to dare argue, "It all depends on what the definition of 'is' is." No one would dare make such a ridiculous argument! or would they?

No game can be played unless we adhere to strict and enforceable rules and definitions. Otherwise, a tennis game may turn out that a player may grab a baseball bat and hit the tennis ball outside the stadium, and the referee jumps from the side lines and shouts with his hands in the air, "We have a touchdown, folks."

Okay, now here are my suggestions for the GOP Party. Neither Party has heretofore even talked about Judicial Accountability. If the Republican Party really wants to shake up the political field, they must take of the unique cause of Judicial Accountability. I guarantee you, the opponent is going to call "Fowl," and shout profanity. Charges will be made that the Red Team is playing outside the lines of fair practice, and not "according to established rules." So what? What if your team won anyway while all the wheels to obtaining liberty are removed. What is this fight about anyway? Winning an nomination or an office, or is this about winning freedom? Neither Party talked about the real issue, therefore, I made an accurate prediction that the People would loose, and they did!

Now I wish to address the Republican Party here. Sirs, please have whoever is appropriate within your Party to contact me and I will be happy to discuss with them a winning ticket that will drive the opposition nuts. I am not kidding here, I mean it!

With a wide Republican goal in obtaining Judicial Accountability, I guarantee a win. Not only a win for the Republican Party, but more so also, a win for the People of this country, even for the Blue Team. I guarantee this to a shake up this nation and astound everyone as if a nationwide 8.0 earthquake. It will turn this nation around as stated in II Chronicles 7:14, bring in a flood of righteousness and unbelievable prosperity. "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34. Which one of you within the Republican Party are going to argue with me on what I am proposing?

Ron Branson
National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief
P.O. Box 207
North Hollywood, CA. 91603

PS - Should you need a reference, please contact the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee were I once served three two-year elective terms in Office. I shall look forward to hearing from someone high up in the Republican Party about about winning the future for America.


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