Monday, May 07, 2007


                                                                               Frederick A. Jones
                                                                               670A Greene Avenue, Apt. 3B
                                                                               Brooklyn, New York 11221
                                                                               Monday 7 May 2007 
Hon. Andrew Cuomo
Attorney General of the State of New York
The State Capitol
Albany, New York 12224 
Dear Mr. Cuomo: 
     There is a gulag in the State of New York, as a result of many years of preventing all electronic recording devices in the state criminal courts. Indeed, in my trial (Indictment # 6804.84, New York County) the deliberation room was filled with thousands of false and patently unlawful evidence. The trial was virtually held in that deliberation room, just minutes before the actual trial. I was denounced and demonized by the judge( Harold J. Rothwax). Moreover, the crucial witness (the complaining witness, Gloria Rivera [a.k.a. Gloria Revelli, 209 West 89th St., Apt. 2C, N.Y.C. 10024]) was very repeatedly and constantly denied her right to recant her entire testimony. My appointed attorney was plainly forced upon me, and I was not allowed to represent myself against the criminal charges for which I was tried before a jury.
     All of these matters are plainly prohibited by state laws and by federal laws (the criminal civil rights laws, 18 U.S.C., Sections 241,242). The depositions of the aforesaid crucial witness and any of the jurors are very easily obtainable. Nevertheless, threats and the intentional destruction of essential records by government have combined with the criminal misconduct of defense lawyers and others to deny to me my day in court.
     As a former very high profile former new york city police officer and a former very high profile new york city correction officer, I did spend nearly twenty years in new york state penitentiaries. My constant and very thorough efforts to obtain even a modicum of meaningful help resulted in no help from any one. 
      I had been plainly lynched in typically empty courtrooms at both 111 and 100 Centre Street, New York, New York (Manhattan). Records of all of my police employments have been inexcusably destroyed. In recent years, and while my case can still be appealed, the transcripts of my case was depravedly destroyed by the government.
     You, of course, are the lawyer for the government. Perhaps, therefore, you can do something for government integrity.  
     The usual appeal route will, of course, not work in cases where the judges and other court officers conspired to commit very serious crimes against an innocent citizen-defendant.  
     There is absolutely no medical evidence and absolutely no weapon for an "Assault in the First Degree" and "Attempted Murder in the Second Degree" for which I received a 25-year sentence as a first offender. I am still receiving threats by the government, as potential employers and potential landlords and so many others had been told furtive and dastardly false stories about me (a longstanding policy). These are matters of public concern, as the rights of very dear small children appear to receive a very cavalier regard from the parole divisions of the the many very powerful governors from all over the United States of America. No one has ever confronted any of these governors for their failures to notify the families and neighbors of such dear,dear poor and disvalued, motherless children. They presently have no real protection. Indeed, usually, such parole divisions never even begin to know where the child molesters reside nor what they are doing.
     Please, allow to me a hearing. Please, allow the aforesaid witnesses to be deposed with immunity (if possible). Please, allow cameras in the courtroom as well as secret electronic recording devices. It is a criminal matter. The public must know the actual facts, and a true bill must be recorded against the aforesaid court officers. Thank you.   
                                                                                 Sincerely yours,  
                                                                                 Frederick Alexander Jones

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