Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Victims of Court Corruption] Resting On Our Laurels Awaiting A Remedy To Arrive

Resting On Our Laurels
Awaiting A Remedy To Arrive

Commander Walter Fritzpatrick, believe it or not, I just designed an entire response to you, and before I could send it, my computer froze and I lost it all. So I am starting over.

I once tried to file a criminal complaint and the judge informed me that the court has no jurisdiction to accept a criminal complaint. Such criminal complaint can only be filed by the Prosecutor.

As a result of that experience, I designed within JAIL4judges a provision for the People to file criminal complaints. This provision provides that anyone may lodge a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor, and thereafter it gives the Prosecutor only 120 days to begin the prosecution. If he fails to prosecute within that time, the People may go on up to the Special Grand Jury with the same Forth Amendment affidavit for a finding of Probable Cause by the Special Grand Jury. Then they may in turn, turn the matter over to their Special Prosecutor who conduct the prosecution for the People. It is in this manner the People may gain access to the criminal process without permission from the prosecutor, or the courts getting in the way.

This means of criminal prosecution is paramount to the People. I have been at this for sixteen years. The problem is, the People just do not understand they cannot otherwise gain access to the criminal process. This secret is a carefully guarded secret as they do not want the People to rise up and provide for themselves a means of going after officials.

People think they can just go and file formal criminal charges against government officials when they violate the law or the Constitution, but they can't. This is only the prerogative of the Prosecutor, not the People. We shall forever be denied access to the criminal process until we decide we need this provision within JAIL4judges.

When the People decide to move on this, I am here! It is then we shall have a voice in the criminal process, and in the way we will run this country. We are only two years away from victory, but since the People are showing no initiative to even begin acquiring this power to file criminal complaints, we shall always be only two years away from victory. It was two years away back in 1995, and it is still two years away. This Victory is before us like a mule chasing a carrot dangling from a string two feet from its nose. So near, but yet so far, as King Agrippa, almost persuaded, but lost.

I wish I was able to help you, as this measure would benefit all of us. God bless you.

Ron Branson

-------- Original Message --------
Mr. Branson,

I'm asking you and groups of people who you can attract to formally file criminal charges naming OBAMA and his criminal assistants in commission of TREASON.

Fair winds, following seas,
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Navy Retired


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